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Greetings again my dear friends of this prestigious platform, undoubtedly the great steps of development that in recent decades we have taken in every sense of our existence are related to the generation of electricity, we could say that our current modernity goes hand in hand with this characteristic.

When looking at our environment we could easily observe the influence of each one of the machines, tools or devices that manage to work thanks to the injection of electric current, this aspect has made man throughout history to make constant innovations in the generation of electric energy, and with it, the incessant search for the diversification of any type of source of generation of this energy

For such diversification man has relied on essential tools of observation and experimentation such as science and technology, thus ratifying the conceptual aspect related to the fact that technology is nothing more than applied science, and each one of us are reliable witnesses of this assertion, and every day that passes we observe it more and more

One of the most important sources, and therefore, the most used for the generation of energy can be found in hydrocarbons, however, this type of fossil fuel originates in the process of generating electricity a large amount of CO2 emissions, one of the main causes or reasons why it has been tried to locate or design other forms or sources of energy generation

In a previous article we were able to link with another way to generate electricity through the collection of solar rays, for this we highlight the implementation of a very new technological tool known as Smarflower and its characteristic shape for a better use at the time of the accumulation of solar energy and that it is converted into electricity, and this time we will know in a general way to another technological application such as the wind turbine without blades or blades

Bladeless wind turbine

Man through his remarkable scientific-technological history has demonstrated that he can design any type of machine or tool with the knowledge acquired from our environment, environment that in many opportunities has been threatened by such inventions or creations, however, a considerable percentage of these people try to look for an adequate balance of the unfavorable action towards our mother nature.

This is the reason why we find important designs such as this type of clean energy generating source through wind turbines without blades, many of us have probably at some point been able to observe the giant devices with blades or propellers rotating due to the influence of the wind on them and thus generate electricity through the wind capacity of the natural environment where these structures are located.

From the previous generators with blades comes the proposal of this type of wind turbine structure without blades, and they provide several advantages, one of them is represented by its almost no danger to birds because it has no parts in circular motion that can come into contact with them, there are also aspects related to the low need for maintenance because they do not require lubrication, and which must be oriented in the direction of wind.

These structures upon contact with the wind come into resonance and thus begin to vibrate because the external part (cylindrical) is designed to oscillate and this remains subject to a rod or flexible core, the generation of new materials such as carbon fiber allow the design of this type of clean energy generators, so this type of technology captures the energy of the wind around implementing a recognized effect which is called vortex shedding.

This type of energy generation is added to many other proposals that seek to diversify the generation of electricity in the least polluting way possible, and also taking into account the fact that fossil fuel sources represent finite deposits, i.e., exhaustible in time, and for this the scientific-technological field is constantly working to achieve this.

Until another opportunity my dear readers, waiting for your important contributions in this regard and to consolidate the issue raised.

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Once I was in a meeting of the environmental group I belong to and they were talking about this topic and they made an analysis about which was the healthiest and most productive and they came to the conclusion that it was hydroelectric because producing solar energy still costs a lot and wind turbines represent a costly investment as well, as to massify it as a means to bring electricity to the cities. Fossil fuel is undoubtedly the most polluting and nuclear energy the most dangerous.

Hello @joseph1956.

That has been the task of science-technology of the last decades, that is, the constant search for any other source of electric current generation as an alternative to that generated with the implementation of fossil fuels.
The great challenge has always been the cost of these new alternatives, but nevertheless, with time they are becoming more accessible to most citizens.
Thanks friend for your great contribution. Regards.

I read about these turbines in another article.
These look very promising, you can place them on the top of your building and it's very safe and does not kill the birds.
A fine piece of innovation,

Hi @harpreetjanda.

Correct, actually this innovation represents a great alternative when it comes to energy source substitution with hydrocarbon principle.

The path is traced and the course indicates that the future will be dominated by this type of new technology of generation of the so-called clean energy.

Thanks friend for your great contribution. Regards.

that sounds pretty cool! Do you know more details about it? How is the vibration translated into electricity, and wouldn't a vibrating cone generate noise?

Hi @minus-pi.

In this type of wind turbine, the wind enters into resonance as a result of an aerodynamic effect known as vortex shedding. This process means that when the wind passes through a certain blunt body, the air flow is modified and thus generates a cyclical pattern of vortices.

Therefore, electricity is generated by means of an alternator system, where coils and permanent magnets are integrated and connected to the dynamics of the equipment.
Thanks for your great contribution. Regards.

Hi friend rbalzan79, technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and these turbines are seen to be a great alternative for electricity generation.

See you later friend, have a great weekend !

Hello dear friend @amestyj.

That is totally correct what you express, technological advances are increasingly more far-reaching to meet any type of activity of mankind, and undoubtedly, the generation of new sources of electricity is a clear example of the above mentioned ...

Thank you my friend for your great contribution, and have a great weekend. Greetings.

this design must be more sensitive to the wind which means more effective in less windy days or areas...

Vibration is form of a motion and the laws of converting it to electricity are same I guess..

Hi @vixmemon.

Actually they have inside a very flexible rod which allows mobility and sensitivity when in contact with the wind flow, generating the so-called vortices, ie type of circular flow.

Thanks for your great contribution. Regards.

Wow great . Thank you for this information

Hello friend @valchiz.

So are each of the super wonderful technological applications, of course with the great help of the contributions collected by our great research tool as is the whole field of science, thanks for commenting. Greetings.

Hello friend, excellent information, every day we can continue to progress, I believe that human intelligence can still continue to give to talk about, thanks for sharing. Greetings!