We must renew technology

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Greetings friends, as we all know technology advances without stopping, this growth is exponential, what I have come to propose is a reality because if you do not renew your technologies you stay out of the game, this is something that happened to me recently and it is something that exists To keep in mind, we must constantly renew our technology.

I once read that if something works you have to leave it alone, but I no longer believe in that so much, because if the software and hardware of companies evolve, you must evolve your own, or else you may suffer serious consequences.

I recently created a wallet in coinlist and at the time of verifying the identity it did not allow me to use my web cam because it was not in HD, so they sent me a link to the cell phone and I could not do it either due to the low quality of the camera, so I told my neighbor to do me a favor, and we managed to go through the process. As I wanted to buy an ICO of a token I registered in the list and for that I needed the Google authenticator, for the 2-step verification, as my cell phone is old something happened and it did not work, I asked my friend for the favor and he did it , so far so good.

My friend disappeared and to enter the coinlist I need the code of his Google authenticator, now it does not appear and I do not know if I was selected to buy the token, about my friend I do not know if he went on a honeymoon or the recent fall in BTC he leave depressed, I only know that it does not appear and I have until the april 24 to buy the ICO.



So I can't continue in this situation, for a while now I can't use Android wallets or post as many posts as I would like due to the poor quality of my cell phone so I took all my crypto savings and bought a cell phone, for which I am very grateful to the Project hope community and to this platform.I want to add that the internet speed is also a problem from my house I cannot open American banks if the connection is slow, something very strange but true.

So no matter how much we have a working computer or a working cell phone, we must look for modernity, because companies are renewed and the lack of modernity can lead to the loss of opportunities.

Thank's for read

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Hello friend @ramsesuchiha

I am in a similar situation, my cell phone is not quite powerful I have been saving some resource to be able to acquire one that is at the forefront of the activity I do on the web 3.0. Thanks for alerting about this difficult situation, it can happen to any of us.

Best regards, be well.

I'm glad the advice helps, thanks for reading

Hi @ramsesuchiha very well you said it we need to look for modernity. Society has led us through a technological world of constant changes, where updates are increasingly frequent, hence the need to be informed and attentive in this evolutionary process. Thank you for sharing and we will continue readi

Thank you for reading

This is a nice read. We all need to be advancing in our technology because we need to be up-to-date with the latest technology. Congrats on your new cell phone, you truly need it.

Nice article @ramsesuchiha

That's right, friend, we must be updated, thanks for reading

We are currently using technology intensively, and it is necessary to be up to date in order to respond to and take advantage of opportunities.
Unfortunately, sometimes do not have the resources available and have to wait.
You are working and with perseverance you will make it, success @ramsesuchiha

we must work for these economic resources and update ourselves, thanks for reading

Hello friend, I agree, sometimes even if we don't want to, we have to be in fashion, what we buy today has a replacement tomorrow, that's how technology is. Thanks for telling us your anecdote. Greetings.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks for reading

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