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RE: Wifi Networks Security Levels

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Very good information in this post, I see that you use brave how are you doing with that? they sent me a BAT once


I have received BAT from them on several occasions.
I have been able to convert them to dollars and sell them. Using uphold.

In my region, I earn only about $2 per month after using the Brave Browser several hours a day, every day. For me, that is a poor reason to give up a lot of your privacy (to Uphold) just to receive the small reward.

This is my opinion based on my experience. Thanks for reading.

The rewards for looking at advertising are quite low. But let's think about it, our effort is minimal in this regard. We should only use our browser routinely and eventually, a small advertising notification window will open, which we will see only if we decide to do so.

I have received the highest number of BATs through the referral system. This gives us the opportunity to earn considerable rewards by sharing our links and getting other people to join the brave experience.
If you want you can see this article of mine:

How Was My 2019 Using Brave Browser? - 180 BAT in Earnings!!!

c.c: @ramsesuchiha.

I am a user of Brave Browser. The only thing I dislike is their BAT rewards system, where you are required to submit proof of identity to Uphold, which defeats the purpose of Brave's privacy in the first place. So, I just donate my earned BAT to the websites I visit because I can't withdraw them without identity verification.

I hope Brave replaces Uphold with something that allows you to withdraw BAT without giving up a lot of your privacy.

Thank's for information to bad for brave, and for us

I have been using Uphold since before using Brave.
I like uphold, I consider that it offers a great quality service, although its exchange rates are a little higher than the rest.
I always saw the brave-uphold fusion as a successful move, I never saw it as an invasion of privacy. I will have to think about it.