The age of man is over. The kingdom of the robot has arrived

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Robots win the war: 2.8 million people can lose their job in Colombia.

The world is forced to authorize itself by the health crisis that we are currently experiencing due to the pandemic. The covid 19 does not allow physical contact between humans, this means that most companies that have human material at work must look for a quick solution, before their company is bankrupt.

The big bouncing companies found the quick solution to this collapse, the sale of digital robots and metallic material has been the solution for various positions within the companies.

Although in a country like Colombia or like any Latin American country, becoming a purely technological country is a bit difficult since the price of this technology is hovering between $ 70,000 but this crisis has led to the urgency of having to invest in this technology. thus discarding human material.



The reality is that robotics have many more advantages than human material.

  • Durability

  • Efficiency

  • effectiveness

  • 0 Fatigue

  • Many shifts

  • 1 Single investment

We have a classic example

An employee who worked to vulcanize the rubber soles produced 500 pairs per shift. The company managed to invest in a six degrees of freedom articulated robotic arm and produced a total of 1500 pairs.

Production was maximized three times.

Colombia is still a country that is backward, since human matter was so cheap that it used to be more profitable, but this may change after this world crisis.

Countries such as Japan, Germany and the United States of America, are highly developed countries in this system, for example, agriculture in the United States is purely robotic, what decides the future is cultivation is highly productive specialized software.

There are currently humanoid robots on the streets of China, which disinfect tokyo clinics and supermarkets. They are a little slow and little experimental, but they do not infect or get sick, and they do not protest, even if they work 24 hours a day.


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Hmmm... This is interesting, but are you sure that machines have Zero fatigue and that it is a one time investment? Machines are known to have wear and tear as long as there are mechanical parts involved. It therefore requires constant maintenance, and could crash and need replacement. Even the software in robots may get corrupted and need to be changed.

In addition, your second image is a branded one. This should not be used in your articles. There are other unbranded ones online that you can choose from.

In one perspective where robotics is better than human and can definitely replace them, but the other shows that many of the people would lose their only source of income.
Technology has its own benefits but we must push besides those who have spent their lives working for us.
In my opinion, we all should work to find a better idea🖤❤🖤

according to my knowledge , thinking and experience it would make people jobless because everything would be done through robots , on other side it would be helpful for business owners as they can get most benefits out of it and will not require health expenses , insurances and other things

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