The controversy over the arrival of 5G.

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Currently there is great expectation with the very famous 5G mobile technology, each person feeds different for the arrival of this new technology but let's see what the experts really say. In this post we will try to see the pros and cons of technology and focus on the issue in various social groups.

5G is in the language of many. This innovative technology will boost connection speed, minimize delay and you can have your entire family connected. In other words it will be a new virtual world, but, is it dangerous? The first thing that we must observe that this innovation comes in difficult times, where in the technological territory, there are several controversies and wars included: for example China and the United States, which months before reporting on this technology, there was a great dispute about Huawei and Google.

They have given us a lot of really positive news about this arrival, there is a lot of information like these: Tele-assisted surgical interventions, such as the one recently performed in Barcelona Deploy new fleets of autonomous vehicles and coordinate agricultural work through sensors installed at different points in a cultivation field. How this technology comes into our lives. 1G, that of our first mobile phones that only allow talking. 2G introduced SMS 3G Broadband with this you come whatapps, google play, etc. Live 4G videos.


What does the WHO (world health organization say about this? "Studies to date do not indicate that environmental exposure to RF (radio frequency) fields increases the risk of cancer or any other disease," says the WHO. The church also spoke about this new technology and an alleged implant of a micro chip, which clearly shows the arrival of the antichrist.


But the reality is that 5G has arrived and it is here to stay, we will see that you will happen with all the controversies that may cause. But what do you think?


Thanks for reading my article


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Greetings appreciated @rakison2.

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Thank you for sharing dear @rakison2 and welcome to this great community as is @project.hope, I am very happy to know that new users are joining, this is a great family, keep sharing quality content.

A really interesting content, I look forward to this technology without any doubt. Thank you very much for sharing.

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Hi @rakison2
On this subject 5G there is a lot of noise, I have read that there are formed groups that are against this type of technology.
However, I cannot issue any opinion without knowledge of the cause that this technology may generate. and I repeat there is a lot of talk about it-
And since I live in Venezuela, I am sure that while the communists are governing, that type of technology will not arrive in Venezuela.

In another order, I welcome you very warmly to our community. All the topics focused within this project are closely linked to what you have just published and will always be related to technology.

Welcome friend.

Hola amigo yo tambien vivo en Venezuela pero realmente estamos muy cerca de esta tecnología ya que las primeras pruebas la estan realizando en Colombia nuestro pais vecino.

@rakison2 welcome to the PH community.
You bring a topic that undoubtedly, as expressed in the publication is quite controversial, there are many conflicting positions on this issue. But, 5G is already here, we can't bring it out. I'm surprised at what you say about the church saying that it's the antichrist through a chip...
I don't see it, so, although I know that there will be those who see it that way. It's respectable, and many points of view are necessary to have a global vision of the matter.

I hope to continue seeing you here, with good content.

By the way, Checking your blog I realized that you are part of the health staff, you are a doctor? nurse?

I'm a medical doctor

It really is a bit desperate, a lot of information, and the representatives of these technologies do not clarify with all the doubts of the population.

in addition to that they said that the chip to be implanted will have the name 666

@rakison2 welcome to our project hope community.

The subject of 5G is quite controversial and personally I find fascinating how these technologies they advance and make us evolve. Tod this I think benefits us a lot, despite receive so many critics. I hope I can continue enjoying your publications with such interesting content!

Hi @rakison2! Welcome to Project Hope.

I really don't know much about that technology. However, I hope it will improve communications as long as it does not affect human health.

Is there an Antichrist chip? There's no anti-Buddha or anti-Muhammad?

Whether or not it gives cancer we'll see in the future. Since science is not entirely accurate, what is true today will be a lie tomorrow.

Thanks for sharing ^_^

Welcome to the Project Hope community.

Best regards. Very important to address this issue for the lovers of technology. Feel free to publish articles of this type, I will be very attentive to read more publications of this type.