It is 20 years after the human being managed to read the book of life "The human genome".

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On June 26, 2000, at simultaneous ceremonies in Washington and London, the draft of the human genome was released.



At the beginning of the 21st century, humanity managed to find a draft on the human genome, at that time there was a lot of talk about the brutal impact this has on scientific areas such as medicine, chemistry and humanistic behaviors such as psychology, education and right.

This discovery was expected to change the world, but let's see how far they have come after 20 years.

Scientific advances on the human genome.

Fast: Currently it is possible to read the genetic activity of a person in just 1 day, with this advance you can reach a clear diagnosis of a disease that affects you and understand why you have this disease, which apparently has no clear origin .

Cancer Research on the human genome has yielded several very useful anticancer drugs, as it was concluded that cancer is purely hereditary and that genes are heavily involved.

Liquid biopsy has become the most accurate test for keeping cancer within a specific area, this works well as it prevents metastasis. This analysis can reveal whether the tumor is growing six months before it is noticeable within the organs.



Rare mutations: The study of the genome gives an explanation and I find where is the cause in which DNA or RNA there was the change so that all these rare mutations, in addition to that, are looking for a way to find an alignment of these DNA or RNA, to achieve a normal life for these "mutant" people.

Difference between humans: Human variation has been a myth throughout existence, the fact of so much variety worldwide, so many ways of thinking, skin colors, eye colors, profile and even fingerprint. Everything is within the human genome and it is possible that it can be modified.



Pregnancy: Non-invasive tests to determine that there are no genetic disorders in pregnancy was one of the most widely used advances, since it is a very accurate and highly preventable test.

It is expected to be able to modify the genetic chains so all mothers and fathers can have healthy children, without any alteration.

Pharmacogenomics: This study manages to find any of the drugs toxic to humans, and which drugs can cause an allergic reaction.

Allergic reactions were a myth for a long time, their cause having millions of explanations but no certainty. Thanks to the study of the human genome, exactly one cause of why a person is allergic to some medicine can be given.


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It is impressive how much we humans have been able to achieve in our bodies, how from small particles we can do so much, how we can improve or eliminate different diseases or symptoms, the truth is that the people behind all these advances are geniuses.