apple rises wants to stay with the technological kingdom with its new update

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The organization of the multi-million dollar apple has decided to profoundly modify its applications and content, taking into account these multiple changes, we will see the most relevant and promising functions.

We start with the Widgets, the new interface that promises to know which applications you like the most and which are the best ones to put on your screen.

Picture in Picture as its name explains this new function, it brings the ability to record a video in multiple applications, it will be great to see this.

Just like in the Iron Man movie, every time this superhero got stronger, so did jarvis. Apple has become more powerful and SIris is now much better,

You can speak up to 11 new languages ​​with the machine translation system.



Say goodbye, goodbye, has inter, and ventures to have its own processors a rather ambitious step, since as we all know, Intel is the highest processor company in the world.

Cycling will guide your way to recharging energy, turning this technology into maps, to gain control of where you can use energy for your phone, computer, laptop or vehicle.



This phone will connect with your car as long as it is a BMW 540i you can open it even with the cable of your iPhone.


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Wow this is cool. So, it is safe to say iPhone is now partnering with BMW. This is an interesting article, enjoyed reading.

Thanks for sharing 👌

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Intel lost the top spot in the processors to ARM a long time ago... AMD has teamed up with ARM to survive... Microsoft is openly supporting ARM by making ARM version of Windows 10.

As I see it, it's currently battle between 64-bit ARM and PowerPC (for example Power8 and Power9) processors as some of the consoles have used PowerPC processors for a long time already. We all know how many mobile phones and tablets are powered by customized processors licensed from ARM.

What comes to Apple's new processor, some sources have said it is also licensed from ARM.