Air Drones: advanced multipurpose technology.

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Drones, also known as Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), have significantly increased their contribution to activities that are difficult or risky for humans to access, making incursions into unexplored spaces or from novel perspectives, offering images or unpublished data of great value to the private and public sector.
They are so popular that we have seen one at some point. They can be fixed wing or rotarywing, and are classified according to the number of engines, the most common being the 4 engine or rotary wing quadcopters, although there are also 6 and 8 engine or hexacopters and octacopters, respectively


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Their size and weight is variable, from less than 3 kg called mini drone, to more than 150 kg called heavy drone.
Their use should not be underestimated, it involves risks for operators or pilots and the environment where they are used, for this reason it has been improved and continues to review the regulations related to the responsibility of owners, pilots, organisations that use them, associations or organisations linked to aeronautical safety.

Their usefulness is very diverse and continues to grow, due to their success in commercial, professional, scientific research, entertainment, surveillance, control and security applications.

Among the most frequent uses are:

(a) Transmission and/or recording of images, for advertising purposes, panoramic views of sporting or cultural events, traffic control, exploration and evaluation of areas of difficult access, surveillance and security functions, rescue and;
(b) Data capture for precision agriculture and process control, among others. More recently, it has also emerged as an option for parcel and package delivery.

Currently, market requirements are geared towards increasing flight time and autonomy, diversifying data capture, processing and transmission, use in closed or confined spaces, increasing payload capacity for deliveries and reducing the risk of personal accidents and damage to third persons.
Drones have proven to be very useful and continue to evolve, so it may be attractive for you to venture into this area. If this is your case, remember that formal training as a drone pilot is essential.
The proper and responsible use of technology makes all the difference.

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Hi @raizayanez
The advances in this sense bring us many benefits, drones definitely have a lot of utility, which we should know how to use.
Great read, thanks for sharing.
Have a great day!
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Hello dear @janettyanez,
Thank you for your comment and support.
Drones are increasingly part of the solutions to today's challenges and problems, they are used by the public, private and governmental sectors. For this reason, it is important to highlight the basic requirements for their proper use and to avoid unnecessary risks and accidents.
Happy live, greetings !

Hello ProjectHope friends
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Hi @raizayanez
If I'm honest with you, I haven't seen any drones in person, but I know at some point it will be common to see them everywhere. Here in Bogota I know that they use them in cases of traffic accidents, allowing to obtain images from the heights that facilitate the process of exploration of these accidents.

Bogota, Colombia right ? i've seen many footage of the city taking by drone on youtube,,it's a beautiful city ..

Hello @ josevas217
Maybe more soon than you can imagine you will see a drone dancing in the sky, they are very eye catching.

I believe this drones technology will have more impact with our lifes in near future..

Hi @arnol99, I share your opinion, its use is becoming more and more popular every day.

Technology continues to bring in significant amount of difference to our world every time but for the purpose of safety of this particular invention, it has to be carefully worked on.

Hello @ajewa
Safety measures and pilot training are basic requirements for the proper use of drones.
The responsibility of all involved will help to further promote the diversity of their uses.

It will be fun when we start seeing these instead of delivery trucks.

Hi @machnbirdsparo, it is possible that drones may be used more in deliveries and will progressively take on more importance in this type of service.

Exelente post, muy instructivo, y la verdad que si es un gran adelanto tecnologico.

Hola @comandoyeya
Gracias, me encanta esta área temática, disfruto compartir con ustedes y recibir sus comentarios, son importante para mí.
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Drones fascinate me for many reasons. On one hand, I see a lot of promise and utility as you point out here. But I see also a lot of risk around surveillance and security applications. My city was just criticized for trying to add drones to its policing fleet. Not a good idea.

Hi @rasbas, the use of drones is increasing every day, however each situation or particular case must be analysed according to its characteristics, in order to be accepted and successful.
Happy weekend,