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Dear @cryptolohy7

Thank you for choosing to post within project.hope HIVE/community. I was wondering if there is any way to DM you as I would like to explain little bit about our community goals and structure.

Do you use telegram or discord? If you do then join our server and give me a shout. I would gladly share with you goals of our community and explain our project.hope economy.

Discord server:

in my mind I was expecting like a facebook button that says "join group" but nothing of the sort is laid out. So, how do I join?

Anyone can subscribe to our hive/community and if subject of your post will fit within our interests then I will gladly support you with some decent upvote.

However if you would like to join to be part of our community, then obviously there isn't "join group" button. We're slowly and steadily growing and it's more like an 'invitation' based system. so drop me a message and let's talk :)

ps. how did you find this post? Im very curious - since this is quite old publication.

Yours, @crypto.piotr



I click o the link to discord and it says that it is invalid.
Okay, so is on an invitation basis. Got it.
Send me a valid invite and we can chat :)

I find the post through direct recommendation.

Please try this one :

Got it, I got in.