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RE: Internet oF Things; Making Smart Things Smarter

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Hello @eni-ola

Thank you for choosing to post within project.hope HIVE/community. I was wondering if there is any way to DM you as I would like to explain little bit about our community goals and structure.

Do you use telegram or discord? If you do then join our server and give me a shout. I would gladly share with you goals of our community and explain our project.hope economy.

Discord sever:

Post resteemed already. Will upvote it soon (once my voting power will fully recharge).


Hi, thanks a lot for reading and resteeming my post, i am happy you liked it.

I have a telegram account with the username @eni1ola but not really a fan of discord because of the noise from notifications of channels having sub-channels. I will join the discord and give you a shout

I'm glad to see how responsive you are :)