AI Takeover; The Negative Effect of Artificial Intelligence.

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Artificial intelligence is a different type of intelligent level that is different from the natural human intelligence, artificial intelligence is usually the combination of different human intelligence and this makes it more efficient, faster and sometimes more reliable to carry out various task. There are so many benefits associated with artificial intelligence, on several occasions artificial intelligence has helped in saving humans and has helped in improving lives. The smart phones we have, the super intelligent feature of facial recognition are all realities produced by the existence of artificial intelligence. It could be recorded that banking officials now respond to customers faster than it used to be and the medical sectors have also not been left out in the great improvement that artificial intelligence has brought to the table but as helpful as artificial intelligence is, it has been associated with so many harmful impact which may happen anytime in the future.


A lot of researchers have come to the agreement that artificial intelligence could begin to exhibit super intelligence ability in the future and even come up with emotions such as the ability to love or hate, which could make it possess the ability to destroy anything or any human it does not like. An artificial intelligence system such as an Autonomous weapon, has been designed to kill. This machine could be greatly useful in the hands of someone who uses it for the right purpose, but also imagine it in the hands of the wrong persons, it could result to an instrument of mass destruction.

In order for artificial intelligence systems to carry out the task assigned to them, they might have to go through dangerous routes. Take for instance, you ask a self-driving car to get you to the gas station as soon as it can, you know that car will drive really fast and probably cause several havoc on its way just to get you to the airport as soon as it can.



The increasing level in the ability of artificial intelligence to carry out daily jobs could make man easily disposable, therefore rendering men completely jobless, we also need to always remember that, the system of artificial intelligence could work on self-improvement and this could make it possible for them to even fire their boss.

The FLI is of the opinion that : it is possible for civilization to flourish as long as humans have the ability to rise above the race that exist between the ever growing technology as well as the wisdom with which humans could manage and control it.
What is your opinion about this, do you think artificial intelligence will ever pose any threat to humans?

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