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RE: Waste of food a feeding strategy of certain birds

in Project HOPE2 years ago

Éxitos colega. Soy profesor jubilado en Agropecuaria. Excelente carrera y oficio. Felicidades desde Venezuela. Thank you my friend.


Greetings colleague @omarrojas

I am also an agricultural professional, specifically an Agricultural Production Engineer, with training particularly in the plant area, I am happy to find agricultural professionals on the platform, thank you for your visit.

Pleasantly pleased now, after retiring I dedicate myself to guiding on yoga and cooking, before as an actor but due to the pandemic I returned from Caracas. Cumaná and Puerto Ordaz-Venezuela. We will be in contact with this distinguished Hive platform. Hugs. Merry Christmas.

Of course, we continue to read each other. Merry Christmas to you and yours.