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You’ll get burn if everything you see on the internet sways you; life on the net is the complete opposite of what you see day-in day-out.

Like a universe on its own, the cyberspace gives you another entity, an augmented version of what is really happening to you in real life, in the real world, politicians, business men, sports icon etc. are all being immortalized based on what could be benefitted from them in terms or charity and funding same thing on the net, you could be a whale, an icon or a god.

Deep down inside; everyone wants to become famous, or be extremely wealthy but in reality, this is never attainable or it does but with some “harsh-nut living”, then the internet seems to be the place where those unattainable or biggest dreams could be faked and concoct into a make-believe for those to gullible to grab the fact out of reality.

What happens when you have created this Virtual fame? You live in the shadow of yourself, probably leaving on loans to be wealthy!

Most famous individuals we see online and in the media are not really as successful as they were hyped in reality, or they were one time rich or talented but now broke. They still manage to put on a smiling face and use expensive and fancy stuffs to show off in pictures and videos to remain in the spotlight.

Unfortunately, everyone wants to become like these individuals, a huge percentage of them are suffering underneath their smiles and their fake-rich lifestyles as depicted in videos, blogs and on mainstream media, yet you and I still wishes day and night to be like one of these people living in a separate universe from ours!

Everyone out there has their own woes, some are not as healthy as you with nothing in your bank account or pocket, and you will be amazed to know that wishing for another man’s life could actually be a death sentence.
Being vigilant means not been swayed by what you see on the internet, it’s a pseudo-universe. Ninety percent of what you see in the media is not real, surprisingly you and I are living a much better and healthier life than the people you look so much up to and wish to endlessly be like.

The internet is filled with virtual riches and fame, which like I stated is just a makeup, and behind those false internet famous people there is a sad never ending story you really do not want to know about. You are the best thing that happens to you if you do not wish to live another man or woman’s life based on what you see and hear daily.

Have some peace of mind and be appreciative for the tiny things you own, live and not despair. You alive mean a whole lot and that there is hope. Let go of all bitterness, sadness with pains of disappointments and needs. Don’t wish for another man’s life; do not marvel at virtually famous individuals you see on the internet, your life is greater than a dead one!