🧐 Bitcoin is the #21 Currency in the world! Climbing positions! 🚀

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Today I found an hilarious website that tracks all the major currencies in the world. The best part of the information showcased is that it tracks all the currencies competing with Bitcoin.

The website is: https://fiatmarketcap.com

You will be able to find data about the Circulating Supply, the Market Cap, and even the price in satistic.
Let's see Bitcoin where is currently ranked.

Top Fiat Currencies by Market Capitalization



We are currently ranked at the 21st position, and we really close to the 20th spot. In fact, this morning we were sitting there.
Bitcoin is ahead of the currencies of countries like Poland, Turkey, AED, and even Egypt!

I am sure that Bitcoin will be sitting on the top 10 position soon. In fact, I expect this to happen somewhere in 2021. Next year.

What are your assumption on that?

Stay safe out there! 😊


And people barely use the bitcoin... Even though I'm bullish I think it's a huge bubble. People need to use it to give it credibility