The Possibility of Delivery Drones Flying Over Our Heads in the Future

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Delivering has been a business that has existed for many years. It started from the days were gold after being mined were carried to the spot of firing, to the days when postmen carried post letter to deliver in places which could take months. Transporting objects has been improving in techniques, from using Cargo, to Planes, Trucks, Cars, Bicycle, Scooters and so on but in all this, there is one means of delivery that is becoming popular and that is using Drone.


Regarded as the Quantum of Delivery, it is faster than the feet but it is smaller than a car. It now looks like everyone and every major company is interested in the Drone. Amazon introduced Drone into its Amazon Prime, Google Wings is also a drone as well as many other tech giant. The aim is to create a future where ordering for things only takes minutes to get delivered but since 2006, it has been a dream but with the FAA, Drones are about to kick off full time.


Wallmart has not been left out in the delivery drone system, UPS is also into the drone industry as they partnered with CVS pharmacy to deliver medications and test result to patients.

Drones uses battery as well as cost of production, and that makes it expensive compared to other means of transportation but it is more effective and faster. Although we aren't seeing drones everywhere currently due to a few reasons such as ability to reduce the expense, hazard reduction such as accident or damaging packages, and adoption by people. If the first two is solved, adoption would not be a problem, it only took moile phone about 4 to 5 years to get adoption.



Hello @ojerinde
This is a great advance, last year was very productive in terms of technological progress.
Although I don't know if this drone thing can really reach all countries as a service, because of the cost issue. But there is no doubt that it is a great advance.

This will be interesting to see in action