Technological Milestone of 2020

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Did anyone remember 10 years ago when a lot of people thought about the year 2020 as a year when technology would have been at its peak. A lot of science fictions, scientist and scholars already predicted the year 2020 as a year when virtually all cars will be flying cars, robots will be our closest neighbor and so on, but I do not think we are there yet.


Although we have not made a lot of improvement with technology compared to a lot of science fictions and predictions, but it is no doubt that a lot of amazing technological advances have been made. For instance, we thought we would be having robots as our closest neighbors but with technology, we now have Artificial intelligence and bots as personal assistance and best friends, for instance, artificial intelligence like SIRI, BIXBY, Google Assistant and so on are now part of our daily lives. Also, as at this year, we now have 3D machines which now helps us to build houses, cars, medical apparatus as well as other tiny material. 3D now goes as far as printing organs.


I am not sure we had many predictions about brain machine interfaces (BMI) but as at this year 2020, Elon Musk as well as other billionaires and scientist have been working on making human and machine get the ability to interact. Recently, humans and machines are already interacting using the human brain. People do not need to type on computers, use remotes and so on, it only requires the help of the brain, the machine and Brain Machine Interfaces (BMI). An example of BMI is Nueralink, a project owned by Elon Musk.

Augmented Reality is another aspect we have done fantastically well. In the past, people thought of hologram as the peak of visuals but thank to AR and VR, people can now interact with augmented visuals so as to get a good understanding of how it looks as well as enjoy augmented reality view.


In transportation, humans have done amazingly with technologies ranging from drone which can be used to carry human and loads. Other innovative tech includes the hyperloop train, and self-driving car as well as hydrogen powered cars.


Technological growth currently might be slow compared to what science fiction predicted years back, but the fact remains that human has impressively improved on its technology. Several technologies go beyond what fictions predicted and this tech have been able to improve our lives. In the future, it is no doubt that there will be a lot of improvement.


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It is not always easy to predict but we are making progress.

Hello friend, the truth is that I also thought we would see cars flying hahaha but the reality is that no. On the other hand, I believe that technology has advanced a lot and thanks to it the lives of many people have been made easier.