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Technology is taking a drastic change on us all, it is affecting the way we live and the way that we get things done, it is through technology that we have noticed series of changes in the entire operations of the universe. The rate at which the change in technology is happening will definitely result in the industrial revolution, in the days of our parents' certain jobs were not in existence but it is different now, we can boost of working from the comfort of our homes and earning pretty well in the process, another thing is that there are lots of other jobs offers that our own children will get to do that isn’t existing just yet.


It is a pity that some people still have a mentality that refrains them from moving in the area of technological change, they simply just believe in using ancient instruments and that is not in any way going to help them. Technology breeds progress and with progress comes the decision to try out new things and excel at them.

Let us take a look at the emergence of mobile devices, from being just a mobile device we now have lots of smartphones all over the place currently. You will agree with me that anyone who decides to stick with using the old mobile devices will not be able to enjoy the amazing privileges that the current smartphones offers.


The new updates coming up with smartphones comes along with lots of emerging careers and job opportunities., app development, social media consultant amongst a lot of other jobs offers that present themselves to us on a platter of gold in this age and time. In the nearest future, it is very possible that people will begin to have clothes that have an internet connection and with a click on the button on such clothes, it will be easy for effective communication or transaction to take place.

With the regular advancement in the space of artificial intelligence, it may begin to perform some operations that used to be the job of humans but again it will require some people to sit at the table of its operation, some human hands will be required in order to make every process of the operation possible. This means that humans will be able to retain jobs but will require some sophisticated digital hands to get these things done properly.


I think that we cannot deny ourselves to technology, it is always growing and expanding, we must go at its pace learning to take advantage of all the tools it offers us.

Certainly technological inventions can even affect our health, look that most technological devices such as: wifi, computers, phones, emit electromagnetic waves that charge us humans electrically, and if we do not try to download this electricity can bring us side effects to our health. Greetings and thank you for sharing this information.