Machine and Artificial Intelligence Taking over our Jobs

in Project HOPElast year

The growth of artificial intelligence is just as strong as the hatred and fear for the tech. The technology without any doubt has been a plus to our world making it the best for work, automation, interaction with machine and so on. One of the biggest fear of artificial intelligence to the world is hostile takeover of jobs as well as leading to our doom, and these things has caused a lot of call for policies regarding artificial intelligence.


In the past, we were mostly farmers around the world and people made a living by agriculture. Agriculture was so vital that chicken exportation led to trade war between the United States of America and Europe (what a trade war). Soon the industrial revolution came in and now we have less people in the farm planting seeds and harvesting crops rather, they went into offices and industrial works instead of going into straight unemployment.

The rise of a new technology or innovation will always lead to a shift and this shift usually affect a few people or virtually everyone but at the end, we tend to survive. Technology recently has brought machines/robots or artificial intelligence to help with jobs that humans can’t do fast such as repetitive jobs and jobs that involves a lot of calculations.


It is no doubt that a lot of jobs will be lost at the unset but that doesn’t mean that all jobs will be gone for life. Humans will be able to find other knowledgeable skills and still be ahead, it is in our instinct to always do something for ourselves.

I thought of something, which would be cool, humans having machine do work for them or machines having humans do work for them?


Hello friend, I think it would be a bit strange to work for a robot, but the truth is that we do not know what will happen in the future, just hope that unemployment is not massive.

Hello @ojerinde
The artificial intelligence is and will continue to be here with us, I believe that in the end we only have to accept it. There are many things for and against its evolution, but, it continues to advance daily.
What will become of the manual work in the future? No idea, but surely there will be a machine somewhere.