Is Renewable Energy the Future?

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Technology is improving and no doubt that the world is running into a period of no to fossil fuel burning. We have been using coal as a source of energy in the past and we must say that it really improved the standard of human live bringing in so many other innovations into live.


With companies like Tesla and others bringing the reality of renewable energy, it is no doubt that soon the black gold will become irrelevant and we will be left with harnessing energy from renewable sources such as the sun, hydro, wind and so on. I do not know how long this will take but it really look like innovation took its fastest race in the last 2 decade which means that whatever came into being as a tech innovation was accepted with alacrity by the general public seeing that we wanted growth, improve speed, accept changes and experience ease with things. In this light did the mobile phone, personal computers, automation, and artificial intelligence become something of general interest, but I still see so many people investing in black gold (crude oil) even when we see that the speed at which the world as accepted innovations and change is at a speed compared to that of light.

Is it just the business of hopes or the business of brain?

In my country Nigeria, the richest black man in the world is building the one of the worlds biggest refinery so as to help refine Nigeria crude to oil instead of sending the crude to foreign countries thereby ripping off the country and thereby increasing the number of export (since the countries major source of income is oil and it does not have a refinery, it is certain that there will be more export of crude to import). I then start to ask myself questions like “Is the man investing against technology, will crude oil still be alive for about 200 years because one will not invest such amount of money for a ten year span, will industries still maintain their use of crude oil or fossil fuel, will electric vehicles not become a thing for everyone, will the world turn to renewable energy in the future?

Is it a good idea to open a refinery currently and do you think the world will move to renewable energy in the nearest future, maybe 10 years from now?


the world is really improving but base on what you said about the man building refinery, to me it will help the country instead of them exporting crude and buy back oil, well this country is really something else actually, it is one of their means of stealing fund but i dont think the man is doing a bad thing by building a refinery the country fail to build

Short term, I think he's doing the right thing to help your country. However, what's his plans with the profit from this investment? I don't think one should focus on oil or renewable energy alone. Both are needed now but renewable energy is the long term play for sure.

Maybe someone else could work on renewable energy for the long term while this guy works on the oil for the short term.

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