Data is Money and Google's Data Collected from You Isn't Your Data

in Project HOPE2 years ago

Have you tried to ask yourself what google is selling and how they generate revenue after all, the google search is a free search engine and nobody pays to use google map, voice service, or any of Google's services. In fact, you will be completely wrong if you think it generate its biggest income from its Android OS then you will be wrong because apart from buying your phone, you do not continually pay to use the OS on your phone even if you get updates over 6 times in 6 months. So, what is Google's product, how do they generate revenue to make such a large amount to pay staffs, maintain service, and still have large profit?


From the type of service that Google runs, it is visible that you are the product. For every person that decides to use a google service or use a phone or system that has Google service directly or indirectly, then you/we are the products of Google. When you check free service companies like Facebook, Twitter, snapchat, WhatsApp, and/or any other company, they are always making a lot of money when they announce their financial statement and in other to get this huge sum of money, they have to sell a product or service in return for money but since their service to the public is free then you are the service, Yes you. For every action performed on their applications or with their services, you are giving out a few data of yours to the company and if you are conversant with the word Data is the Modern Oil, then you should not find their source of money strange but for people who do not understand, I will explain.


Data is a channel between you and advertisers who want to sell products to you. Data is very valuable as it saves companies from advertising to random people rather targeting specific customers and with that save money on advertising while getting more people to purchase their products. With this, Google gather data of users alike and sell this data to companies which bid for this data. The process of getting data from you is known as data mining and with over 4 billion users, you can imagine that Goggle has been making a lot of money from you for your data but let me state something clear that you do not own the data anymore and Google has the right to provide the data to anyone at their terms, because you already signed it in the terms of service you clicked.


A few days ago I heard one of the video content creators I follow say that these companies don't sell your data, these companies are looking to create a kind of digital clone to predict your tastes and that's what they sell to advertising companies.