Are We Going to Live on Ocean Someday?

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Living on land has been we know and call home. We have known ourselves to love land and survive on land so our ir activities from schooling, farming, and many other farm activities are done on land but soon humans started to love staying close to water body which allowed them to start living in houses close to water and ocean bodies but things are about to change as people are planning to have their homes on water.


When i say homes on water, i mean floatable homes which could move from one country to another claiming different nationality (if that ever existed). You might be asking if this guy does know what he is saying/ well, the answer is yes. We have the technologies in place already so we could just make it happen. There is a technology that allows ships to stay on the sea for a very long time. We could use concrete, steel, composites and many more to get this done.

Ocean cities are going to be the future of housing and nationality soon, what about having a ocean country where we could all claim nationality of. We could call it a kind of amphibious housing plan. Will tech be able to allow us build floating homes in ocean as lands are becoming limited and exhausted?


It looks nice when there is just one house floating in the sea but for me lose is appeal if it was a whole town. It probably is inevitable though.

Hello friend, the truth would be something new and original in my opinion, I do not see it as crazy, there are those who live that way. Of course, as everything has its disadvantages but I think that depending on the place you could live quietly and next to nature!

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