A perfect combination of human and machine skill (they are both important in a complete world)

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I have personally had my fears about the growing rate of robot and machine advancement, I have had my fears about if there is going to be a complete take-over of human tasks by machines and I have read so many articles boosting my fear also but I found a different article that I would like to share with you all, the reality of the future of advanced human intelligence is here already and we need to be ready to walk in it.


The future of technology.

The current age of industrial revolution is way different from the other ones we have experienced before, it is moving at a faster rate than any of the evolutional change we have ever experienced and that is creating fear in the minds of a lot of people, we are scared that there might be a code error or that machine advancement might get into the wrong hands and this machine will begin to serve the purpose of destroying humans rather than helping us.

Another really important case which is already ongoing, is the case of machines causing unemployment in various regions around the world, no doubt these machines have the capacity to perform far better than a lot of humans and everyday as companies discover how they can find a better and efficient worker in machines, they choose to work with machines and lay off more workers.

Welfare funds for everyone.

It is getting glarier now that we may have to deal with a future where machines would have taken over every work sector and a lot of people will be jobless, the proposed way to handle this will be by using a method known as universal basic income, this method places everyone on a welfare grounds and the government provides funds for everyone while machines carry out most of the jobs for us.


Come to think of it again, staying at home all day and receiving funds from the government is that really a type of life that we want? For me it might be a life filled with unhealthy and obsessed people and frustration will also not be left out of the picture, a lot of people will fall into depression and extreme laziness will not be absent.

The bridge between machines and human capacities.

Machines cannot make sound ethical decisions like humans irrespective of how fast or how skilled they might be programmed to be, humans have a great reasoning ability that cannot be imputed into these machines. Humans unlike machines are great emotional beings that can create things for themselves but machines that have no skill for personal reasoning.

Machines should not be seen as a competitor to humans but should rather be seen as a tool to help us, completely relying on the function of machines will result in a failed community, and a machine cannot understand human feelings. It will be better for us to work with using humans alongside machines because a society where machines do everything is not a complete one.


Greetings, very good opinion on how to handle the importance of good management and administration of technology, and whoever handles technology and information can dominate many markets, simplify mass production by reducing human talent, but just think of a tomorrow of the obsolete.

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I believe that for a viable and sustainable world, the balance between human input and machine development is important, which is why I consider your analysis very relevant. Greetings and thanks for sharing this important post.

Good article, I believe that in the future the technology will take us to a fusion and with this fusion the work and the roles will change to give more capacity to the humanity.