The abstraction of science in the seas of philosophy

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Our own qualities as innate human beings that we are born with is our personality, but we also have the uniqueness of making use of abstraction, which allows us to recognize objects in changing circumstances of our universes, since there is a purpose of this abstraction In establishing more general relationships between certain phenomena, in this context of ideas the notion of science was varying from a classical philosophical concept, where everything emerged from a primordial and unstable foundation of a changing matter until it managed to arrive at something permanent.

The own and practical knowledge of science reached the point of doctrine with fundamental models of knowledge of nature, nowadays the doctrine of physics establishes its fundamental laws on natural phenomena, which served modern thought as an example The atom is very wide as elementary particles, this same being invariable, on the chemical elements within the infinite universe of multiplicity of the material world. It does not matter what philosophical position scientific knowledge assumes is very important, since it also tries to find the mechanisms and the main tools that can establish hypotheses to respond to unknowns within the field of science, a starting point of modern philosophy It is thanks to Descartes in his postulate that they helped science to further develop their field of study by applying the scientific method, since in the field of physics mechanism was founded with the principle of inertia in physics, in the field of mathematics the foundation With analytical geometry, he also mentioned the following while maintaining the order of idea on this interesting topic, since the scientist Antoine Lavoisier showed the world his contributions on the law of conservation, which is still valid from the point of view of chemical lacerations in the mass of the initial and terminal products, they were breaking much paradigm of scientific knowledge or the ci gin as a doctrine.

Within this field I present the following case of breaking paradigm, in just the genius of the scientist Einstein only assumed a challenge in solving a problem, which was raised by another scientist giving continuity and more contribution on this knowledge, showing other philosophical abilities, making abstraction as he did in antiquity Tales and several of his apprentices began to reflect on historical moment with their records, making it possible to order the images that showed their world or universe at that moment in history. The Greek position was very great in the philosophical current, since taking into account that it was modern it shows the multiplicity and the incessant evolution of nature awakening new ideas and the way of seeing things, being clear about the innate domain of we visit it means still, that we can differentiate between things and properties.