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Greetings partners of the community of Steemit, welcome again to my blog, where he can find content to the wide universe of the science, mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry, philosophy and the general accompanied knowledge of the scientific publication.


In this delivery reading friend is important to know and to give to know that the this humanity has evolved thanks for his advances technologically, both for his culture, and for the knowledge of doing the things of our daily life more simplified form, since at present the technology advances in an exponential, additional way something very important of all this change always leaves to us learning, of such a way as it it is the digital systems from his starting point it was applying the similar skill, which in a dynamic way I bring to them this content, since an analogical system, electronic components are used to process analogical signs, so that the whole circuit always works with an analogical copy of the sign.

the most singular thing of everything knowledge is about a digital system, in what it is possible to mention that it is any device destined for the generation, transmission, prosecution or storage of digital signs, which this one complements for two system digital analogical and different one, the fascinating of this similar system there is the way of handling the models mathematician, who allows him to define his variables, demonstrates situations where the magnitudes of the sign are represented by means of variables you continue, this is similar to the magnitudes that lead to the generation of this sign. To have another order of ideas, the important of the mathematical handling of models is because it rests also on The analogical electronics, which is a branch of the electronics, where he takes charge studying the systems which variables, they could describe tension, current, which is variable has demonstrated that change of a form continues in the time that mathematician is for it for these models takes infinite values.


Source of image of mastery of Wikimedia Commons, bipolar Transistor, component much used in the analogical systems, Author : Marvelshine

1) The digital accused of analogical signs, bases on the assumption of which the signs, under consideration they can be represented according to the values, which take in or n discreet set.

2) In general the simulation of a similar system by means of a digital realizable system of finite order, is only approximate. Information consulted in Digital and Analogical Systems, Transformed of Fourier, Estimation for Athanasios Papoulis, 1985.

Characteristic beetling

[1] - the signs with which the electronic circuit is employed at that they are copies of the analogical sign of entry.

[2] - the circuits to process the analogical signs need few transistors.

[3] - they can handle signs of potency of high frequency.

[4] - The behavior of the electronic components changes with the temperature, the set of processes that it is possible to realize to a sign using analogical systems limits itself to the very simple ones.

Another important fact or continuing in this order of idea, is that the numbers inside the mathematical this model can change neither for the electromagnetic noise nor for the useful life of the components, but slightly favorable, that must know each other is that also these numbers can be stored of trustworthy form in a memory. Since what also is of interest is take a sampling of an analogical sign, so that eta it is possible to measure the value of this one at intervals according to the time and doing all the possible only with these samples obtained.

A diagram of simplified block of an electronic system of communications, which there understands a trasmisor, a way of broadcast and a recipient, a trasmisor is a set of one or more devices or electronic circuits, that turns the information of the original source into a sign, which appears more to his transmission across certain way of broadcast. Information consulted in Systems of electronic communications by Wayne Tomasi, 2003.

Source of image of mastery of Wikimedia Commons, Switch logician, Author: User:Dnu72

The process of sampling realizes in practice by means of a named circuit analogical - digital conversor, that is due to the fact that the method of digital accused of signs, also it makes possible the implementation of the most sophisticated algorithms of accused of sign, since also it uses or applies algebra Bool, in digital, computer and mathematical electronics it is an algebraic structure that outlines the logical operations, bearing in mind that this content is wide, alone I tried to make it more dynamic to handle and to spread it is contained.

Consulted Bibliography

[1] - Information consulted in Digital and Analogical Systems, Transformed of Fourier, Estimation for Athanasios Papoulis, 1985.


[2] - Information consulted in Systems of electronic communications by Wayne Tomasi, 2003.



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