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There must take into account the following that the success of this type of economy its main axis is digital infrastructure, which includes hardware such as servers, transmission systems, computers.

Within the digital economy, we also find a friend, e-business, where simple refers to the set of business management activities and practices resulting from the incorporation of information and communication technologies (ICT) into business. , which is also located in a decentralized and organized platform in various business segments, as well as goods and services, as it is directly linked to technology, it has adaptation to the characteristics of the new economy.

The singularity of the emergence of this digital business model emerged in the mid-1990s, breaking the paradigm of the traditional economy into a more efficient one, where the users connected to this platform are the potential clients according to their needs. In a decentralized and efficient way, as mentioned, customers, suppliers and partners such as marketing and sales, production and logistics, management and finance take place in e-business within computer networks that in turn allow decentralization in business lines.

An important fact is knowing which technologies are applied in e-business, within this there is a wide range such as: EDI, CRM or ERP, under the scheme of network business models such as B2B or B2C, using a strategy of Digital ecosystem in which is Business Intelligence or Knowledge Management, being clear that a business of any nature that uses new technologies in order to improve management.

For those who were also unaware e-buiness is a product of globalization, due to the introduction of new technological cultures in which the economies of the rest of the world change, that is why it is necessary to adapt to changes and have control of the Information as a strength to link the set of economic activities that are carried out over the Internet, whether they are the sale of products or the provision of services.

Among its advantages we will find the direct and at the moment relationship between client and seller, since it allows us to know that there is no need for mobility to carry out the business, thanks to this there is no geographic location limitation with an economic activity. Active all the time, that is why they managed to create - Business to business (B2B): - Business to business (B2B): Business to business as part of electronic commerce between companies. It is very clear as at present is the digital age and a knowledge economy management with development strategies.

The electronic mode has managed to improve our quality of life and the adaptation of new cultures if we transfer this graphically, we can see how electronic commerce is a subset of e-business, since what fascinates me the most is the way Software is being evaluated in the purchase and sale of products or services, in the sense of reducing costs, that is why having important knowledge about everything that happens in it.



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