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RE: COVID is helping Digital India dream

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But don't you think that for India where we have a grand diversity, specially very old people, children from poor background who cannot afford hitech gadgets and even lower middle class or uneducated people are going to face extreme challenges with the fast pace digitization.
I believe that digitization is very good for a country where more than 90% of population is educated and living above the poverty line. So it is so important first to work on those basics then directly jumping on to bigger things.


Ah that's a valid point. I didn't have that in my mind while writing the post. Thanks for pointing it out.

Ya not everyone will be able to adapt to the digitalization. I guess the development should be in a way that supports both the group of people because even a developed country will have this problem. There should be a good way to get adapted to digitalization. Something like the modern generation helping out old people or something like that.

On a lighter note,now you are behaving like PM Modi, not taking a holistic view. Don't mind,just a joke
Yes true, like my mom, if she had to manage it all by herself she would be lost. She's almost 80 and how much ever I show her she doesnt get.

Ha ha ha ya. Wow you compared me with Modi. 😀😛

The same happens in my office as well. Being a developer, I automate many process with some fancy softwares but when they give me some stats to show that 100 employee's job were replaced by bots, it will be a little heart breaking. But sometimes digitalization and automation takes over human jobs as well. That is also another sad impact of this.

Yes and my mom is also like that. It is very hard for her to understand all these and sometimes I won't even have patience to explain her. So, I get it. 😀

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