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RE: Will AI outsmart us and takeover?

in Project HOPE4 months ago

It is right! The AI ​​will always work according to the programmer's intentions. The biggest threat of AI is "Deep Learnig", just thinking about a scenario where the machine learns on its own and makes its own decisions could be something very delicate. But, I always have the question: Isn't it the same man who programs the machine? So, this makes me conclude that the machine itself does not represent any danger, but rather man and his free will...

@awah, has developed a great theme. Very interesting and broad-minded.
Thanks for sharing!


Hi @nachomolina - Thanks for your valuable comment. I do believe it is an interesting dilemma - we can debate the safest way to deploy AI tech but our biggest problem in society will always be the minority with extremist and evil views.

Let's hope that man knows how to take advantage of AI without attempting against himself.
Regards, @awah