After successful landing, NASA has released the stunning video of Mars surface

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NASA has released a video of the Mars Perseverance rover landing on Mars on February 19, as well as a panorama of Mars and the "Martian Voices" online. There are records of this detection device from there. NASA's mission to Mars' Perseverance 'landed on Mars' Jejuro Crater on February 18th. This place is considered an ancient river or lake.

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The vast panorama of Mars is made up of several images. This is actually a circular view of the Perseverance Rover, all photographed by a powerful camera mounted on this detector rotating 360 degrees.

The only microphone on the rover stopped working at the time of landing. But NASA has recorded some sounds from the time it landed on the surface of Mars, including the rover system and the sounds of high winds. The purpose of this mission is to find traces of life at any level in antiquity.

It will be interesting to read that "Mars Panorama" (the vast landscape of Mars) has become part of NASA's tradition today. The first such "Mars Panorama" was created by combining images taken from the Pathfinder mission to Mars in 1997.

Flight controllers were delighted to see thousands of images and the exact condition of the rover. The rover will spend the next two years on Mars, drilling into rocks that may have had evidence of life three to four billion years ago.

As can be seen in this three-minute video, when the rocket engines bring the rover to the surface of Mars, a huge orange and white parachute opens. The video also shows red dust flying as the rover lands on the surface of Mars. The six cameras installed on the rover were dedicated to capturing scenes of entering and descending Mars.

Rover team members said that the video quality of the space mission landing on Mars was excellent and the images were excellent. At the same time, NASA has released the latest sounds on "SoundCloud" that have been "heard" and recorded by Mars from Perseverance microphones. Hopefully in the coming days, we will hear more sounds of Mars here.

Earlier, the space agency had sent a rover called 'Curiosity' to Mars in 2012. But it only sent blurry images and motion pictures. Curiosity is still working. Similarly, NASA's 'Insight Lander' is also present on Mars, but its solar panels have been dusted.

According to engineers, these images will help NASA prepare for sending its astronauts to Mars in the coming decades.

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