Big Data - The Ultimate Technological Weapon

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In the fourth modern period of turmoil, and in view of the giant mechanical turn of events and the subsequent explosion of advanced information through correspondence channels, which spread due to its usability, which led to an expansion of the volume of information around the world known as "information flow", and big data turned into a supply road Important in all areas of life

With the increasing spread of innovation, the open door for this type of information has become prevalent and widespread, as it is related to a few different cycles, for example, (shopping, executives, supporting dynamic courses according to the tendencies of residents), and the volume of information on this planet is constantly expanding, due to the spread of innovation And its developments.

For all areas of life, as stated in the annual report presented by the United Nations in 2017, the volume of information has expanded dramatically over the past two years in particular by 90%, and that information can increase annually by 40%.


Big data..I don't understand the meaning of that?

The term big data is used to depict the massive scale of constantly flowing structured and unstructured information, consisting of information in various structures. (Pictures - messages - voice messages - other) and in an announcement issued by the (International Data Corporation), the volume of information on the planet will reach during the year 2020 (44 trillion gigabytes), and it is natural that access to approximately 180 oils per day. It's 2025.

How did this type of information start?

The term big information alludes to exceptionally large information that is difficult to measure in conventional methods, and as such is an idea of ​​inventory and arrangement, but the idea of ​​massive information was not popular until the mid-2000s when the modern examiner "Doug Laney" definition of what is a favour. Big information has its three factors, which can be referred to as follows:


The size:

Where organizations collect information from a variety of sources, for example, gadgets, business and budget exchanges, online media and various stages, sites or sites that people use for various purposes, and Apache Hadoop - an advanced, open-source stage used for massive storage. Information - Assumes an important role in shedding this type of information.

The speed:

With the spread of the Internet of Things and computerized thinking, the development of information flow for organizations expanded exceptionally, so it was important to have highly efficient tools and developments to obtain and store this data at a similar speed in the stream, so sensors, smart gear, and wireless tools (RFID) are used. In order to store data quickly and normally, it is important that the speed of the flow of information is described as the continuous change in its flow.


This means that the information is not in a single structure but rather comes in familiar and unconventional types of messages, pictures, voice accounts, and other everyday exchanges.

These three criteria are seen as the premise upon which information is gathered in the event that it is natural information or just large information or tremendous information, for example, everyday information of every individual is not independently perceived as tremendous, absolute information. Provided by the individual through the stages of web-based media or kept in a unique tool. It is not seen as huge information.

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