Who would be The First Trillionaire

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Okay, Dan Larimer officially resigns from Block.One and it has affected the price of EOS really bad but this is not what i am here to discuss today on my post. Just like Dan Larimer is a Millionaire or Probably a crypto Billionaire with the rice in Bitcoin, there are a few people who we think will reach the Trillionaire status in dollars soon. Currently, Apple, Amazon, Google and a few more companies like if you say Facebook (although its stock price has been plumating for a while now). The value of a publicly company and an investor is determined by the price of stocks and as usual, the price of the stock market is very volatile, just as it can go up to its peak, simple events and news can destroy its All Time High [ATH] to a far deep.


DO not forget that at a time, it looked impossible for companies to become a trillion dollar company but Apple broke the title, Amazon joined, followed by Microsoft in 2019, Alphabet then joined.

In the past, we had Billioanaires like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Carlos Helu Slim, and so on, holding the title and we knew their wealth was going to remain at a level or go down a little because the increase in their wealth was dependent on innovation, improving tech, and taking greater risks. Facebook's Mark Zuckerburg seems to be interested in the social media world and has not improved on anything innovative for a while so it wasn't an option for him to reach the trillionaire spot, other billionaires are either retired or fall under the same category with Mark of Facebook but there are two players in the billionaire list who have the prospect of becoming a Trillionaire anytime soon, they are Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos.

Jeff Bezos is Amazon CEO, a company with a market capitalization of $1.65 Trillion of which over 70% of it was accumulated in the space of 2020. Jeff holds 11% of Amazon shares which is about 50 million shares. Amazon, Whole Food, Alexa, and many more, including Blue Origin (a company aimed at reducing th cost of space travel). Jeff saw an increase in over $70 billion in 2020 during the pandemic. It is no doubt that the next ten years is going to be a year of space technology, and the tech mogul is in the industry already.

Elon Musk, saw an increase in wealth with over $133 Billion in one year. Tesla stocks increased this year and so did his production as well. Currently, the company has produces and delivered about 500,000 cars , although not up to Toyota which is the largest producer of cars. Elon Musk among all billionaires is a very good contender for the $1 Trillion race. Elon is looking at creating the $21 thousand cost for a car, reaching self automation, Robo Taxi, Solar Technology, Artificial Intelligent, Hyperloop, SpaceX and Starlink. This markets are very big and in the future when the industry is fully operational, there is a possibility that the two Moguls will become trillionaire.





While these men seek to become billionaires I try to exceed with my income the monthly expenses, without a doubt our realities are very different, now the idea of surpassing ourselves and reaching further than what we currently are is a quality that unites us as entrepreneurs who want to surpass ourselves every day a little more.

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hi @mojubare
I think the two are going to reach that title but if I had to bet on who comes first my vote is for Jeff, I think amazon is more global than Tesla and spaceX, I think amazon can be used on a daily basis so I think who will earn more money

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Hello friend, I think you are amazing men, with great intelligence and financial education, many would like to reach that level, but behind it there is a lot of sacrifice and a lot of patience. Wealth and success don't come overnight, you have to work at it day and night. I believe that both are a great example of perseverance and constancy when it comes to fighting for our dreams. Greetings!

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They are people who have a good financial education, and this shows the importance of educating yourself and planning your financial future.

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