Robotics and Automation taking over Kitchens

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A real world without covid-19 is a very busy world where people barely have time for themselves, people move around so much that they barely have time to cook their own meal and there is a constant demand for fast food that contains highly nutritious values. Restaurants exist in different regions of the country but on most occasions we do not have sufficient restaurants to feed the large amount of people that makes demand for quick nutritional foods.

The need to satisfy customer requests for fast and highly nutritional food resulted into having robots cook our meals but before we got to the point where robots could cook our food, we had robots that were made in the form of an arm and could easily flip burgers and other robotic machines that could make good salad bowls.


The need to encourage robotic cooking.

The emergence of robotic cooking will create more space in restaurants and the remaining spaces could be leased out or used for other functions.

The robot equipped with cooking skills will be able to handle competitive cooking options and humans will only have to supervise the machine and this means less human employers will be required.

The robotic restaurant will enjoy regular re-investment of fund, when there is less salary going out to payment of staff there will be more funds to put back into the business.

The mistakes humans make while cooking is sometimes not evitable as there is no perfection in human, but robots eliminate the appearance of the cooking mistakes.

Customers who have constant need to get feed will receive better satisfaction.

With the aid of a robotic cooking machine, each customer can request for different meals according to the way they want it to be presented.


Robotics cooking restaurants already exist.

While this technology still sounds impossible to some people, some restaurants are already making use of robotic cooking machines to serve their customers, some of the restaurants that makes use of robotic cooking machines to make meals are explained below:

An example of a restaurant that makes use of robotic improvement is spyce restaurant, this restaurant currently runs on seven robotic food making machines that has the capacity to make 150 meals in an hour (such a huge number), the food prepared by the robot is done through an induction heating process after the ingredients have been mixed.

Another burger restaurant makes use of a robotic arm that simply controls the flipping of the burger and setting them aside once they are ready, the machine also cleans the top of the fryer once the drying process is done (I think that is simply amazing).

A restaurant in San Francisco makes use of a complete robotic machines to produce two hundred and forty burgers just in one hour, the robots in this restaurants carry out almost every task like the tomatoes cutting and buns slicing.
The test carried out on the food made by these robots were confirmed to be really tasty just as if it were made by human.

I do not think we can have a cooking system that is completely void of humans since humans are required to monitor the robots, to clean the robots, to garnish the food and also make few sauces, it is still almost impossible to totally eliminate humans in a robotic restaurant.

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Hello @mojubare technology is invading us humans more and more, I do not disagree with it obviously, since it allows us to do many things day by day, but what is worrying is that human service is completely replaced by a machine. For many it will be something new and good to see but for those who lose their jobs for that reason I doubt it. The competition is getting harder and harder.

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