AKKA Hybrid Link & Fly, The future of Airplanes

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Humans have always wanted safe, cheaper, convenient and faster means of transportation and the CEO of Akka Technologies Maurice Ricci want to see a future where Airplane can have detachable wings or maybe we could say a flying train.

A lot of concept and innovations have been showing up in the transport industry by a lot of engineers and companies aiming at creating comfort, this is the same thing as the Akka Hybrid Link & Fly. The aim of the concept is to make flying as easy as sitting on a subway and move on a rail.


”After cars goes autonomous, the next big disruption will be in airplane” – Maurice Ricci

Well, like everyone might say, currently the name Akka Technology might not be a household name as popular as Tesla or Virgin, but I must confess that company have been doing well. The company has been in the radar for autonomous cars as far back as 2008 and has partnered with companies like Microsoft and ICONIQ Motors to design a fully automated car this year 2020. The company also works with other companies in so as to bring innovation in the transportation industry. These companies include Airbus, Renault and Dassault.

Let me make you understand that the Hybrid Link & Fly plane/train isn’t yet ready to go but just an Innovative idea that seems to be the next big thing. Yes the next big thing, Akka has been known to see the future. They autonomous cars in 2008 when people hadn’t seen any future there and now they are seeing the Hybrind Link & Fly Plane/Train.

The concept behind the Detachable Plane is to have a plane similar to other planes when attached to its wing and cockpit but can work on rails when detached from the cockpit. When detached, the body is a flying train going to a subway station to pick its passengers. So passengers do not have to worry about taking multiple transportation before getting to the airport, rather the passengers only have to go the local train station where the Plane Train comes to pick them, head to the airport, connect the Pod to the cockpit and wing after which the plane takes for to its destination. And when it arrives at its destination, the Pod detaches again and drops its passengers at their closest subway station to their destination. The plane is going to be a 162 passenger seat plane which also would be good for cargo carrying up to 21,000 Kg. The plane is envisioned to travel at a range of 2200 Km, and fly at an altitude of 39,800 ft.

The Hybrid Link & Fly plane is really an amazing innovation but some questions come to mind that has been hindering the Innovation from kicking off, a few are

Security; we all know that train stations have less security procedures and protocols compared to airport, so how do we ascertain that the passengers are properly clear to go onboard?

Another issue is the rail leading to an airport. Which rail will the detached pod use?

Will the demand for such a plane be big enough to justify the money invested build the plane and for other infrastructure?

What is the safety of not having the pod detached from the wing when flying?


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