Time to upgrade election processes by processing votes using Blockchain Technology

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Talks about for election voting to take place using Blockchain Technology

The recent US elections did have major players in today’s Blockchain and crypto space talk about the need for a Blockchain based voting system. Ethereum’s founder Vitalik Buterin, has commented that such a system would streamline the election process.

Reference article - https://cointelegraph.com/news/cz-and-vitalik-agree-blockchain-based-voting-is-a-must

Case for a Blockchain based voting system - The merits


There would not be disputes raised on the authenticity of the votes or claims of manipulation employed in the vote counting process. A Blockchain voting system is more reliable, the voting results would be processed faster too. This is because of the characteristics of Blockchain technology of being rig proof as data that’s recorded in Blockchain cannot be altered.

The recorded data will be noted in the Ledger for the public to see so there is transparency and there is the privacy element too with protection of the voter identity details. So there is no doubt that there are merits in having a Blockchain based voting system.

Blockchain Projects built that’s also be used for voting purposes

Infact, Charles Hoskinson, the leading head of the Cardano Blockchain, reveals that Cardano is designed to be used for Blockchain voting purposes.

So, in future we can expect voting to happen on Blockchain but well, it’s already happened now.

Blockchain system recently been used to record votes in the Russian Parliamentary elections

The Russian Parliamentary elections this time employed a Blockchain voting system for those opting to vote online and about 28,000 votes were successfully processed via the Blockchain technology. Waves Enterprise had engineered the Blockchain technology in the above online voting platform, maintained by 10 nodes run by Rostelecom .

Reference article - https://cointelegraph.com/news/nearly-30-000-blockchain-votes-were-recorded-in-russian-elections-the-most-ever

Exciting Era with Blockchain ecosystem matured enough for actual real world use


Now, with the success of this Blockchain voting experiment, Russia and hopefully other countries of the World will look into using Blockchain technologies to conduct the essential voting exercises for elections, in which case millions of votes will be processed via Blockchain technology. It’s wonderful that in today’s world adoption of Blockchain technology is happening, and the technology is showing that it has invaluable real world use cases, AWESOME!!


It will certainly be an impressive use of the blockchain and something really positive. Great and cool idea that I hope it will soon serve as a model for other ideas.

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Hello @mintymile
Without a doubt, the use of the blockchain in many spaces would demolish once and for all the possibility of making some kind of trap or the facts of political, business corruption, etc..
However, it can be a little expensive, as I know, but more they spend on unnecessary things, so, a global platform could be made for the realization of elections, for example, and that everything is exposed, but, the politicians do not want it, they simply prefer that everything remains the same as it is, it is the way they keep themselves in power.

The day is not far away