The Biggest news for the world is of the roll out of the first Covid-19 vaccine in the UK!!

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Finally, for real a Covid-19 vaccine, the Pfize/BioNtech vaccine, is rolled out in UK.

So, Pfize vaccine becomes the first Covid-19 vaccine to get rolled out with the first ever person in the World to be vaccinated against Covid-19 being Margaret Keenan.

Pfize vaccine is well tested, independently reviewed with the claim that the vaccine offers 95% protection from Covid-19.

The first person in the world to vaccinated against Covid-19

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UK’s Covid-19 vaccine drive began this week on Tuesday with Keenan getting the Pfize/BioNtech vaccine shot at the University Hospital Coventry at 6.31am.

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Most vulnerable and high risks groups to be first covered in the Covid-19 immunization program

The early stages of this Covid-19 immunization program will have the first 800,000 vaccine doses administered to those who are most vulnerable and those who are most high at risk to be affected by the COvid-19 virus. Now, priority is on vaccinating the senior citizen population, starting from those over 80 years old who are either hospitalised or are visiting hospitals on a regular basis as an outpatient.

The rest of the UK's population will have to be patient and wait till next year for their turn to be vaccinated. Next year, there would be expansion of this Covid-19 immunization program with more vaccines available to vaccinate more of the population.

More vaccine roll outs at various parts of the world scheduled

Now, the whole world is eagerly watching this Covid-19 vaccine program unfold, as this is going to come to other parts of the World as well with Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine already having secured permission for emergency use authorization in the US.

World hopes that these vaccines put an end to this Covid-19 chapter

It’s almost a year since the first ever reported case of the novel coronavirus infected was heard in Wuhan, China. Post this, much unfolded with the Covid-19 virus becoming a pandemic taking lives and ruining economies globally as lockdowns were imposed. For many, 2020 was a very difficult year. Now, begins a new chapter in the World’s novel coronavirus story with the vaccines getting authorisation for use and being rolled out. Perhaps it’s a bright chapter that puts an end to this Covid-19 chapter.


What about side effects ?

there was some news on people who have allergy to not to take this vaccine as it had some sideeffects on 2 medical people who put this vaccine. Just follow news on Indian express, its there I get these vaccine updates from.

Hello @mintymile
After a year of covid, with all the fuss it has caused and also the number of deaths, global economic breakdown, I still wonder why they don't treat HIV, which is the biggest pandemic in the world even today, equally aggressively. Even malaria continues to kill more people in the world, and there is treatment and ways to counteract it, not to mention the Ebola that continues to wreak havoc.

Finally, the Covid vaccine, yes, but I still find everything that has happened a bit strange.

HIV is another Fauci scam.

The world is stuck with the Pandemic. HIV, we can be careful, though no cure, its not like COvid contagious. In my country, everything looks ok now, we are not panic stucken like before on Covid.

As for HIV, there is stigma. Mostly its spread through intercourse, and youth awareness on safety on this needed. Not much talk on it. And in conservative societies, like even my own when we are looking for a partner, its difficult to ask them to take a blood test to confirm their HIV negative status, before proceeding further.

But in contemporary society all that is ofcourse needed - talk on this, disclosure, transperancy, trust and so on.

I am sure no one reveals their HIV status because of stigma.

All these diseases I hear are because of humans having come in contact with wild animals. More diseases are coming I guess...dammit.

horrible news



Certainly a good news, unfortunately many lives were lost on the way, it would be good to work also in other diseases as well as this, for example, cancer, I think it would be excellent news, but I doubt that the pharmaceutical companies will benefit from this act. They are only interested in making people sick so they can line their pockets with money. Greetings!

Cancer treatment is also damn costly, but the world seems most effected by Covid right now. Thanks for sharing your views and reading my article.

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Hello @mintymile.
In fact, after so many anxieties caused by the Covid-19 it is very important to hear the arrival of a vaccine that will allow humanity to put a stop to this pandemic. Let's hope that everything will go well and that the application of this vaccine will generate the positive result that is expected.

Thank you for sharing such an interesting article with all of us. Successes.

thankyou for reading and commenting. Yeah, it was exciting news for me last week, about vaccine now being administered to people and all.

yeah...have you forgotten?. I have mentioned it to you that greenchic is me in publishx. Why again the same doubth??

Omg, you're right!
Dunno what I was thinking, sorry.

its cool...have a good day my friend!!