Easiest way to get vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus is by wearing masks

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As vaccines are on trials for the novel Covid-19 virus, the masks we are so accustomed to wear by now, can also act as a vaccine for the virus, according to this medium article.


Vaccines involve injecting small weakened samples of the Virus

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The reasoning is very simple, in vaccines a weakened sample of the pathogen, or it’s protein is injected into the body. This will stimulate the immune response of the body against the virus, giving one immunity against the virus.

With less amounts of virus entering our bodies with mask protection, it can act like a vaccine

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Wearing masks significantly reduces the amount of viruses that can reach our nose and mouth, it cannot effectively prevent 100% of the virus from entering our bodies’ respiratory system but since the amount of virus that enters the body would be very small, it would not trigger the powerful effects of the virus that could potentially lead to illness and disease in severe form.

However, the very small amounts of virus that’s entered our bodies would trigger the bodies’ immune response to fight off the virus thus giving one immunity.

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Thus wearing a mask is like a vaccine. It’s possible that one will get mildly affected but as discussed that helps in doing the job a covid vaccine otherwise would do.

The mask vaccine may not apply to people with bodies that have a low immune system

However, please keep in mind that this is applicable to bodies who have a good immune system. It is possible that bodies that don’t have a good immune system won’t have the power to fight even these small and weakened samples of the virus.

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Therefore, besides wearing masks it’s a good practice to work on building our bodies’ immunity by eating healthy and doing exercises. Senior Citizens, children and people with ailments like diabetes, blood pressure, liver problems etc are vulnerable and need to be careful, and possibly avoid exposure to even these small amounts of the virus.

Note -: This is not medical advice, always do your research or consult a health expert for medical advise.


I understand the point, because the more virus that is absorbed, the greater the reaction of the body, but it is a kind of lottery, because some bodies, despite the small amount of virus they are in contact with, can have an exaggerated reaction.

Everything is relative.

The use of masks is very important to help us not contract the covid-19 virus but it is also important that we keep in mind that our care can also help us contribute, maintain distance, try to visit fewer people who have symptoms of flu, if you are on the street do not touch your mucous membranes, nose, mouth and eyes, as there is still no vaccine against this disease try to take hot teas to help raise your defenses ... thanks for sharing such important information

Yeah... I do all that, anyway. But I was kind of skeptical on wearing mask. I suffer from claustrophobia... so suffocate when wearing that mask. After covid has enter my flat premises, I wear mask, stepping out of the house only.

So I thought see mask from another perspective and found this. Thanks for reading and commenting.