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Greetings, this time I share a very dynamic topic, we must have knowledge and why we are very interesting human beings, it is very timely to place Psychology among the disciplines of science, thanks to the fact that it shows us a human simplicity only capable of know, make judgments and give a transformation in the world that surrounds us as our everything. THE mystery of human nature, since Psychology does not try to discover this mystery, it is only based on a science that tries to increase our knowledge about ourselves, to make it more dynamic.

Within this discipline that gives us clear on its objectives without its scope goals, it is to distinguish scientific psychological knowledge and rational psychology that also part of us as thinking and emotional beings, which in their view is manifested in psychological experiences, is a science that sometimes acts as science according to a scientific method to conduct research.

Psychology basically uses the hypothetical-deductive method, like any science, remember that Rene Descarte, enunciated the principles of philosophy and the principles of the scientific mechanism, rejected that the doctrine in reference to the Soul was a substantial form of the body as Biological part, unlike Wilhem Wundt gave another approach, he was in charge of making Psychology an autonomous experimental science to differentiate itself from physiology, for the case of scientist Sigmund Freud his studies were based on the human mind and its pathologies in the field behavior.

It is impressive how this discipline handles a lot of paradigm, which partly finds in man an object of knowledge such as behavior, which can be observable and measurable to get to know oneself objectively, as required by scientific rigor, we have another approach which we can make reflections, in such a way that a behavioral approach is not that I did not believe in the existence of internal emotional conflicts, or in feelings, or in consciousness, we only have to look in our mirror as existential people.


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good article, somewhat complicated to understand but very good

Nice Post. Psychology is such an interesting subject.

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