Why Entrepreneurs Need To Be Having Sex More Often - Final Part

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Hello everyone, hope you all are doing good? I'm back with the Final Part of this amazing series, Why Entrepreneurs Need To Be Having Sex More Often. If you haven't read the Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4, I strongly suggest you do that, by clicking here for Part 1, here for Part 2, here for Part 3 and here for Part 4. This is the final part of this very exciting and informative series, I'm glad for all the amazing comments I received throughout the series, you guys(commenters) are the best. Entrepreneurs and literally everyone above 20 years of age, do need sex constantly. As we get older, we tend to reduce the frequency of sex. What I mean by older, is above 45 years. I know that the strength and youth is no longer that much, but I think having sex as you get older is very much beneficial than we can think. We need exercise regularly and sex is seen as a form of exercise. As we get old we reduce the rate of exercise, which is harmful to our body. Look around you, the highly sexual elderly people, are still much active and vibrant than their fellow elderly people, who hardly have sex. That is a great indication of just how much sex is important for our total well-being. In this article, I will letting you guys in on one solid benefit of having sex regularly. So sit back and look for somewhere quite quiet and comfortable as you read through this amazing article I created just for you(😉).


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Sex is a very good form of exercise that also gives us pleasure. Exercise is very essential for our proper well-being. Each time we have sex, we burn about 5 calories, which is very healthy for both our body and brain. A research study which was carried out revealed that sex is actually a form of exercise that made people more active and healthy. Having sex is a great form of exercise for the core of our body, especially for males. The core of our body is the part of the body that most of us neglect but it is the most important part of body to be exercised on regular basis. Our core, is the link to the upper and lower part of our body. It is our energy house. If someone of you don't know where our core is located, is located at our abdomen region. Having a flat tummy is a sign that you are exercising your core region adequately. Boxers, footballers, athletes in general, they are focus more on the core region that any other part of our body, because they know it is the power house of our body. If you looking for exercise that will help for shredding your body, you will notice that more 75% of the exercises are targeted towards improving your core. By having sex for men, we are improving our core region, because the back and forth movement, is targeting the core region and also the plank position we stay when doing the missionary position, also targets the core region. Regular sex means better and stronger core, which means a better, more active and healthier person. Start having sex today as form of exercise which provides pleasure.

NOTE: The maximum number of times you should be having sex, in order to enjoy the benefits of sex, is 3. Go beyond that and you begin to overstretch your body, which gives the reverse benefits of sex.


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Hello dear @menoski.

NOTE: The maximum number of times you should be having sex, in order to enjoy the benefits of sex, is 3. Go beyond that and you begin to overstretch your body, which gives the reverse benefits of sex.

It is relative.

Sex is relaxing, it is therapeutic, it is necessary for the physical and mental health of every human being.

A limit must be established, as with all aspects of life. For example, a high performance athlete should not have sexual activity before an important test.
But overall, it is positive.

All best, Juan Molina.

Yeah, it is relative. But over doing might become harmful. Tried it about 2 weeks ago, wasn't that much fun on the 6th day. I like your comment structure, it seems very nice and unique.

Thanks for coming around and making such a wonderful contribution @juanmolina

It was a real pleasure, dear friend @menoski.

Although it may be weird to somebodies but you are right especially at the point of exercise
Imagine losing some calories while having joy
It is awesome man
I have to read previous articles
Thanks for sharing

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Hahahaha, it is really awesome. Getting fit while having joy 😂. Awesome stuff.

Thanks for coming around and making such a nice and funny contribution @natalia-irish

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You're welcome @menoski 😊

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Here is the final part thanks i'm glad i followed up with all the post and they are really of benefit thanks for sharing.