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RE: Deterioration of the reproductive system as a threat to human survival

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Woah!! This is a nice write-up. Smiles, I don't know how 100 years from now will be like. We humans we always do that will want to us, but might lead to our end. AI take over is what I'm thinking might lead to end of humanity. This new news is troubling, as we must consume agricultural products and these products may lead to low sperm count, damn!!! That's not good. We hope for the best.

Thanks for sharing this informative and educative article with us @lupafilotaxia


Greetings friends @menoski

These situations are not at all casual, much has been speculated but without fear of being mistaken all this adverse scenario is generated precisely to decrease the birth rate on a global scale, it is like a kind of struggle of man against Man, something meaningless but it is our sad reality.

Best regards, all right.