How To Overcome Depression As An Entrepreneurer

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Hello everyone, Happy New Year guys. It has been a long while since I published an article here, but I'm glad to be back. I wrote this article because I just overcame depression not quite long ago and it's an ugly moment in my life. Hence, writing this article will help others who are currently depressed or know someone who is depressed. I lost my mum, 6th of October 2020, due to cancer, and it broke me in ways I couldn't imagine. I lost touch of everything happening around me and I say again, its an ugly feeling. I have overcome it and I will glad to share ways which I used in overcoming mine, so that those, maybe you, a friend, a family member, a co-worker and so on, who is currently depressed could learn one or two from it. So sit back and find some quite quiet and comfortable as you read through this amazing article I created for you.


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Depression is very bad and it is harmful to both our physical and mental health. Depression may occur as a result of the loss of someone, break-up in relationship, loss of job/source of income or not able to meet your expectations in life. Depression is like slow poison, if you can not snap out of it on time, it could become quite dangerous. Well, according to World Health Organization (WHO);

Depression is a leading cause of disability worldwide and is a major contributor to the overall global burden of disease. Source.

The need to knowing how to overcome depression is so useful and helpful to everyone of us. I will let you guys in on, how I could overcome mine. For this article, I will only give you guys two ways, because I want a lot of people to read through the article, and people don't most likely like to read through lengthy articles. I will definitely make a part 2 of this topic soon. Without wasting anymore time, let's jump into it.


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Get Moving

Do you know what depression can cause someone? It drains your energy, your drive and your hope to do literally anything. Even to get out of bed will become an issue. Depression wants you to be alone and isolated and once you start feeding it with what it wants(which is being alone and isolated), it gets hold of you even stronger. That's why one of the best method I used to overcoming depression was get moving.

Get moving to me, means trying not to feel alone or isolated. I started doing some long walks, which is very healthy for the body. Exercise as we know it, is a massive depression fighter. Studies have shown that, regular exercise is almost as effective as medication used for treating depression. As I said earlier on, depression drains your energy, drive and hope, hence, performing regular exercise is super difficult. The thought of attempting to exercise, when depressed could make you feel even more depressed, because your body doesn't want to move at all, and the thought of doing push ups or sit ups might be too much for you to handle. That's why I advice taking a walk, it is much more easier. Just step out of the house and start walking, it relaxes the mind and also refreshes it. You tend to see and know your environment even better. It is nice and refreshing. Walking with friends is even much better and highly recommended, you guys might not be talking but you feel less alone and isolated. Also, taking a walk could help you meet new people which is what a depressed person needs at such times, new friends. I also would recommend swimming, if you don't know how to swim, even better, learn it during this period and always go with a friend and ensure that your friend is a good swimmer. Walking and swimming affects almost, if not every part of the body, be it the head, shoulder, arms, legs and so on. They are very good and simple form of exercise which helps to relax and refresh your body and mind.

Get moving is a simple and yet very effective way of overcoming depression and also is healthy for both our body and mind.


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Do Things You Like

Depression makes you sad and miserable, so in order to overcome it, you need to do things you like, so as to feel happy and energized. You might not feel like doing the things you like because depression makes you lose touch of things around but you must have to push yourself to do those things. Writing this particular article is really very difficult for me, but I had to push myself and also thanks to @gifxlove for supporting and motivating me to write. For me, I like writing, it creates some kind of fun for me, researching, finding the right words and expressing myself is exciting to me. Writing is fun and I have missed it but I had to push myself to do what I like.

Music is a very important in overcoming depression. If you have a home theatre or a bluetooth gadget or even a phone, always play upbeat music. Let the upbeat music just be playing in the background all of the time, with time, you start feeling the vibes of the music and before you know it, your mood will be lifted. Music is a powerful instrument that helps in changing someone's mood.

Ask yourself this question, what do I like? Write down what you like and try to push yourself to do the ones you feel will change your mood for the better. Movies are good but not too good. If you spend more than 4 hours watching movies, you will feel sad or low spirited afterwards. So try to watch a movie for 3 hours tops and do somethings else on your list. For me, I like football, so I watch(English Premier League) and play it. Note, they are somethings you may like but are not uplifting, so don't do them, like listening to sad songs, or horror movies or sleeping. Only do things you like and you feel they will lift your spirit up.

Always try to do something fun when depressed, like play board games and video games with friends, sing, play instruments if you can, dance, chat with friends, listen to music, watch exciting movies and so on. Just try to push yourself to have fun.


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I leave you guys with these words;

Remember, The Past remains past though The Present holds The Future


Thanks For Reading

Till Next Time, Stay Safe

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Depression is something that must be fought from its root because it has caused more harm. I must say, you made very important points here.
Thanks for sharing buddy

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