Cultivating A Money Positive Mindset

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A lot of rich people had to learn this very important life skill before they became wealthy. Your mindset goes a long way to attracting money to you. People do say that, "We are what we think", hence, our mindset helps in attracting money to ourselves. So, the need to know how to cultivate that positive mindset to attract money can not be overemphasized.


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Many of us have negative mindset towards money, we feel money is too hard, evil or almost impossible to get. When we get money, we have too much fear of losing it, we think too much over money, we fear to spend it, we over complain about money. We do so many thinks wrong that doesn't attract money to us.

This article will help you cultivate the right and positive mindset towards money which will help make you become rich and wealthy. I recommend you find somewhere quiet and comfortable to read through this amazing article I have made just for you.


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Affirmations is very useful to cultivating positive mindset towards money. Affirmations simply means the process of encouraging yourself emotionally or in other words, it's like constantly declaring something for yourself. Now, how does that help in cultivating a positive mindset towards money? It's quite simple, when we start stating something like, "This is my month to make money" or "Money will come my way very soon" or "I will win the contract" and so on. When you constantly declare this statements to yourself, it tends to change your perspective towards money over some time, and money will start getting more attracted to you. As I said earlier on, we are what we think. When you constantly affirm to yourself that you will make money or become wealthy, and you strongly believe in your declaration it is just only the matter of time, you will attain financial freedom, because your positive mindset towards money will attract money to you.


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Recognize And Face Your Fears

We humans fear to lose and fear disappointments and this goes a long way in shaping how we think towards money. We need to know those fears and face them head long. The same thing that happens in relationship is exactly the same thing that happens when you act a certain way to money. We all know that a relationship where a partner is constantly fearing his/her partner will leave, ends up exactly that way, the partner will eventually leave. Why? The partner is in fear of his/her partner leaving, that will affect the way he/she acts toward his/her partner and when the partner starts to sense his/her insecurity, the relationship ends. Same thing applies to money, when you start fear that you will lose your investment, its a wrong investment and so on, you will lose your investment/money eventually. Why? You will start acting irrationally towards money and you will start making wrong decisions which will eventually lead to you losing your money.

So in order to overcome this, you will have to face your fear of losing money, when you fear it, you will overcome the fear of losing money, which will make you make money. People are normally attracted to people with confidence, same thing applies to money, when you become confident of making money and overcoming the fear of losing it, money will become attracted to you.


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I hope you found this article, informative and educative, cheers!!!. If you have any addition, I will be very glad to hear from you. We need to be able to cultivate a positive mindset towards money, in order, to become rich and wealthy. Because of the length of the article already, I had to stop here, expect a Part 2 soon.


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Till Next Time, Stay Safe

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