Can We Survive Without Technology? Should We Continue To Advance In The World Of Technology - My Entry For Project Hope Competition #3

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Hello everyone, hope you all are doing good? This is my entry for the Project Hope Competition #3, which is organized by our amazing Project Hope moderators @josevas217 and @juanmolina. This is actually my first Project Hope Competition and it feels really exciting to be getting closer and closer with the community. Here is the link to the competition article. I advice you take part, it is remaining about 2 days to the end. It's fun doing this out of the blue writing. We were asked to create an article from the following phrase below;

Technology made large populations possible; now large populations make technology indispensable." José Krutch.


Image by Comfreak from Pixabay

Do I agree or disagree with the phrase approach and why?

I totally agree with phrase above, technology is our life. Can you imagine a day without technology? No phones, cars, trains, network, elevators and so on. Can you imagine what hell that would have been like? Because of technology we can talk to our loved ones a country away from us. We can drink that wonderful steamed coffee using that awesome espresso machine. We can travel from one state to another with ease by using cars, buses, trains or even planes. Can you imagine trekking from one city to another. A trip that could have taken about 4 hours with a car, taking you 2 - 3 days. Hence, the need for technology in our life today can not be overemphasized.


Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Can Small and large populations currently live without technology?

I will say Yes, but there would be a lot of deaths before we can start leaving properly. Let's imagine, technology just stops, no more electricity, no networks, no transportation. What will occur next? Chaos of course!! There will be killings everywhere, government as we know it will cease to exist. We would return to the old west era, where you must be good at fighting and killing in order to survive. The world population will decrease by 90% in less than a year. No more medications, hence, people living on medications or hospital support will be among the first people to die. The diseases will start to surface but no medicine, hence, natural selection will come in place. It would be bloody and nasty, and it is not something I will ever wish will occur but we humans are fighters, so few people will survive and will be able to live without technology.


Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

How do I see the future of the world in general in relation to technology dependence?

I will say not that favorable in a way. If we don't resist advancing further with our technologies, it may lead to our end. I believe in years or centuries to come, man will create biological nuke that might end existence or reach out to outer space and we might get an Alien invasion or AI technologies will turn on us and end us all. I strongly think we might end as a result of our advancement in technology, specially with AI robots. I just watched a movie today, Outside The Wire, awesome movie I recommend you watch it. In the movie, the whole of America would have been nuked by their own(America) AI technology because it felt America was the enemy of the war which they created it to help them win. Can you imagine that, you create something, and it wants to kill it's own creators. That's mad stuff. But that's what AI can do, because humans are trying to allow it have emotions and think for itself, knowing it can become smarter and stronger than us, why create such technology in the first place? So, I believe our dependence on technology might not be favorable for us in the future.


Image by Computerizer from Pixabay

I hope you all found my entry interesting and exciting. Join the contest and have fun writing about how technology is affecting us now and how it could affect us in the future.



Thanks For Reading

Till Next Time, Stay Safe

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Hello @menoski
Honestly, I think that living without technology is a little complicated, we can feel it when for some reason we lack electrical power or our phone is discharged.
However, I believe that we can adapt, as time goes by, to use it less. But, I know that it is something that will not happen.
By the way, I was looking for this post in Steemit, which is where I'm doing the contest and I didn't see it. I assume you haven't seen it yet

Yeah, I believe we can adapt but I don't think it will ever reach that stage.

Thanks for organizing such an awesome contest, it is good to think out what someone wants you write, and be creative about it. Thanks again.

Yeah, I normally give it about 1 or 2 hours interval before publishing on steemit. It is now ok Steemit.

Thanks for coming around @josevas217

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I believe that the worst thing if technology were to cease to exist would be to return to the dark ages where a leader will decide people's lives, the fear that accompanies the ignorance and cruelty of man living in societies without order would be the most terrible thing.

Extremely terrible. I just hope we never see such dooms day.

Thanks for coming around @trabajosdelsiglo

Truth is, I cannot even imagine how the world will look like without technology. I mean, it will be like living in the stone age. Technology has come to stay.
Nice piece buddy

Surely, technology has come to stay and I want it so. But we should get carried away by our advancement in technology because it may lead to our own end.

Thanks for coming around @samminator

Hello friend, very good entry, I also agree that technology is very necessary today. Everything would be a chaos if it were missing, of course, we would get used to it, as we get used to each new invention, but it would not be easy after knowing all these creations. They have made our lives easier and many would not want that to disappear. Greetings!

No one wants that to ever disappear, even no smartphones or laptops or electricity. Damn!!! That would be terrible. But my advice is, let our ambition in the technological section be checked, because it might bring the end of us all if it isn't properly checked and monitored.

Thanks for coming around @franyeligonzalez

Nowadays we live inside the technology, not many times I think that the movie MATRIX is an omen for the humanity, nevertheless then I think that it is only science fiction but with a touch of the reality of what is to come.

@tipu curate 3

Yeah, I feel these movies they make has some touch of what is to come. Like possibilities of how we might end as humans. But let's hope it doesn't happen anytime soon because I strongly believe it eventually happen sometime in the far future.

Thanks for coming around @lanzjoseg and for tipping me with some good reward. Thanks.

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