You can do it!

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Since ancient times, there has been talk of the inner power of people, of what they carry with them, of the strength to realize ideas, but how convinced can we be of this?

Are we aware of the world of possibilities that we carry within us, of the compendium of thoughts and ideas that we can realize?

Well, it's time to put them on the table and choose which ones to pursue, which ones to develop and which ones you should obviously discard. Why discard?

To eliminate everything that does not go with what we really want or need, with everything that morally and value-wise is not part of our goals to be achieved in whatever time frame we desire.

You must be sincere in selecting what you want to do.

We are born and develop extraordinary gifts throughout our lives, we perfect some, others remain hidden, but the idea is to look for them, develop them, many think that painting or drawing is something that will never make you money, but... have you thought about what emotionally this brings to your life or your body?

Drawing and painting is an exercise that encompasses many parts of your mind and body and I tell you, it activates both hemispheres of your brain! It's great in addition to concentration and a kind of relaxation by leaving your mind for moments immersed in that world full of lines and colors. TRY IT!

It will make you feel more relaxed and at the same time more filled with a peace of that delicious tranquility worthy of experiencing, the same happens with musical instruments when playing or listening, reading or memorizing things. Maybe you won't get rich but your mind will be in a more optimal state and ready for what you are looking for.

You must believe in yourself, it is as if I were looking for something and I am sure I will get it. Do the same, look at the options, what is achievable in the short, medium and long term, not everything needs big investments of money, start with the small ones or better yet (like painting) start with yourself, improve yourself, fix yourself, repair yourself, look for peace where you know it, in the universe, in a flower, in a song, in God, but look for it.

Do as the masons do, repair, close the cracks, arrange what is misplaced, start to assemble that library that is your life, to make it yours, to build it, to place on each shelf those memories that have made you who you are, go to them and open the books of the difficult moments you have gone through and look at them from the perspective you have now, from the expertise and observe what that situation that could have been bitter brought you something positive and turn the page.

Become a recycler and you will see how what once might have been a stumbling block, pain or discomfort can now become your strength.

Within you there is an extraordinary world of possibilities, just follow it and make it part of you.



it all starts with a good positive attitude! .And as long as we think about what we can transform all things into opportunities to make ourselves better, we will always be walking towards success.

A good, very motivating publication that teaches us that we must always be optimistic and create opportunities.

You have made me remember an episode of my childhood and adolescence, reading and writing has always been my passion and my dad used to complain to me saying that I didn't go to the market with that. It was the first thing I remembered when I founded my cultural and publishing project. I always sailed against the current in terms of doing what I was passionate about even if it was not well valued and I compensated for it by doing other kinds of work, today I only do what I am passionate about and what makes me money. There is a popular adage that says that when you work in what you like, you will never see work as a slave. @tipu curate 2

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The journey of a thousand miles starts with a step. Sometimes, what seems little may be a very strong foundation to build your future upon. Start where you are, and with whatever tools at your disposal. And keep the believe that yes I can. I'll get to where I want to be. Nice article. Thanks for posting!

This post is really awesome as it's a great reminder for me to get the better version of me to get over the negative things in my personality each day, setting my mind to peace with various ways instead of just keep worrying or busy with endless life matters!
It's just amazing to see reminders like those between time and another so I can say I will never forget to get some time for myself, to be in my own space, to free those ideas that have been stuck in my mind for too long with nothing but negative effects like worrying or overthinking!

Again a really great post, thanks for sharing!

Thank you for reading me. That's right, we can do anything when we want to do it.

This post remembers me lots of things. Sometimes, this type of information is much needed because it will inspire to do more good things in future. keep sharing.

We must always think that the future will be better but it depends on us,

Interesting piece and quite motivating as well. Thanks

Hello @mariu.espinoza Very motivating your proposal, I agree with you, we can achieve what we set out to do if we only believe it and look inside ourselves for the tools that will help us to achieve it... thanks for sharing!

We must understand that destiny is not written, we write it ourselves.