Homeschooling children with autism in pandemic time

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It is no secret that parents are experiencing "torment" at home as a result of the worldwide pandemic. This torment is defined as homeschooling.

Day by day our emails, phones, social networks and even television programs tell us that we must become teachers for many hours, depending on our child's ability.

Photos, shouting, collages, videos, virtual classes, drawings and an endless number of things that to be honest, there are moments that provoke you to run away or escape and not see classes..

But, what about our children who were already full of schedules and routines structures and routines so carried like a lane without leaving from meals to their so tormented hours of going to school..

The routine of sleeping, getting up, washing, dressing and going to school is truncated. The little socialization that had been achieved begins to be lost, the little progress that had been made in just touching the pencil is forgotten, we have had to start generating new schedules, new structures, spaces created for them, so that they are not distracted, tormenting the specialists with routine questions where our desperation is more present than the assertiveness of our behavior..

But little by little we have made new structures and many of us have noticed important advances in the change of routines, others are resisting after almost two months of confinement to adapt to their daily adventures of going out and going to school..

But as we are made of such a special material, mothers and fathers of children with autism, little by little we are designing our routine based as always on love and established rules within what we believe is best for each one of them..

In this time of coronavirus, much has been said, spoken and even established for everyone, but little has been said about autism, how hard it is for some and how fascinating for others..

For those who prefer solitude and not to be bothered, hugged, greeted and visited by anyone, for them it is their perfect life, so that not going to school is part of the fate of the pandemic..

There are many strategies that can be implemented during these days. The important thing is to keep in mind that they can be remedied with patience and love, as I always say, ask questions, get advice, to be the best mom of your little one at home and congratulations to you for taking on the challenge of homeschooling in times of pandemic.


The important thing is to keep in mind that they can be remedied with patience and love

I agree with you here. As complicated as it may look while trying to teach them, I believe that when patience is mixed with love, the result will be achieved. Nice publication buddy

Working with children of different capacities is quite complicated, I already had to do it having to give a computer class to a child with this condition. It is a very admirable job and of course requires a lot of patience and dedication.

I say HURRA! by the people who do this work.

Looking after kids at any age is difficult during lockdown. Each kid is different. Some are quite comfortable with the extended home life and others find it restricting to the extent of suffocation. I can't imagine how hard it is looking after autistic children in this scenario but as you say, love conquers all.

The life of all of us as parents changed due to the pandemic and the truth is that it was not easy to adapt to the limitation on the one hand there is the commitment to the education of the children and on the other hand there are the needs such as food or medicines that regardless of the existence of a pandemic we must face, after more than three months of confinement many parents have demonstrated the magnitude of the commitment and now their children enjoy the best education that can be given to them.

An arduous and complicated task that, like all mothers, you do with love. This situation is not easy for autistic children. @tipu curate

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