biometric approach in ASD children

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When we receive the diagnosis of Autism at any level, our heads are filled with a myriad of questions when we are given the information that it is a problem or a neurological disorder..

But what happens when someone tells us that it is also an immunological, metabolic, gastroenterological, and on top of that genetic problem?

When I heard that the first time I said... what madness is this?

I met a biologist who is a researcher and at the same time part of a research unit in my city, this very own character besides shocking me because of how young he was, when I met him he was 30 years old, he did it because of his curriculum because he only said autism, autism and more autism, his name is Mgs Neomar Semprún..

I learned that there are so many entities within a person's body that are at some point toxic and can even cause death by going through any number of problems and limitations at all levels.

I have learned so many things and all based on documented research evidence of the advances that are made concerning this type of topics, for example the web: is like the bible of information.

Since we are born we are exposed to a bombardment of foods that more than feeding us in a certain way intoxicate and fill our body with unnecessary things, seriously affecting not only our organism but also our neurological system and that can transform into a myriad of behaviors that at some point can become a diagnosis of "autism".

I have known cases that through this intervention have changed their diagnosis or have moved out of the spectrum..

Approaching a child under this modality is the safest, perhaps costly, but it brings us very beneficial results for partial recovery or change of diagnosis..

At the beginning, it is necessary to carry out the anamnesis, detoxification and detect possible problems in order to start with the treatment; detecting them is perhaps the most cumbersome part of all because of how difficult this process is for parents and children.

But getting to know the possible causes of certain behaviors, being able to improve them and, in a better case, eliminate them, is something that is priceless for any parent and professional in the area..

So I invite you to continue asking about these approaches for a better intervention of your child or family member with an ASD diagnosis, being parents, professionals in the area, makes us more knowledgeable every day about this world of which we are part and makes us specialists in each of our cases..


You need to spread and communicate about these issues so that you can have a better understanding. We have people who suffer from Asperger's and in my case I can testify that this has brought me problems at the level of my pancreas and I have also been very prone to blood problems.So this makes our life much more difficult, especially in the case of people who do not have a family and are self-sufficient and depend only on ourselves.It is complicated and precisely after finishing my tasks for today I am going to make a publication in relation to that.

Thank you for doing your part and encouraging the information to be drawn in relation to this matter.

There is so much ignorance about Asperger's that for years everything has been a game of trial and error. Thank God there are now people dedicated only to the study of Asperger's like Neomar, who goes beyond the simple psychological impression and explores the consequences of the biological part that are associated with the syndrome. Hopefully this will be an impulse to explore and be able to treat other disorders of those who suffer from the disease. @tipu curate 3

Hi @mariu.espinoza
An excellent option that opens the door to a solution to this situation.
Great read, thanks for sharing the information.
Have a great day!
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