Austism and Covid-19

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Since all this madness called coronavirus and covid-19 arrived in each of our homes, it has caused a change in routines, which were already established, in some cases, for years, causing drastic modifications of these routines..

In every home in the world this terrible virus has touched in some way, either by sickening, killing, learning, modifying and bringing new customs, to these.

In many countries and cities it has been more than 12 months of confinement, 12 months of being locked up in 4 walls, but we have asked ourselves, what about those families who have children with autism?

I was talking to a mother and she told me that it was one of the most terrible moments they have ever lived, since her 8 year old boy with autism type 2 was used to go out every day, after two weeks of tantrums, she decided to go out for a walk around the block of her house. What is her surprise that she could not get out of that confinement, because the child by his sensory sensitivity does not support the clothes, much less supported that mask that had to wear on his face and the mom had to go back to lock up one more week, applied the ingenuity of mother and chose to put a helmet and recreate a game and thus could go out with the child, Thus the small accepted to be protected by his helmet superheroes on his head.

Another mother told us that her son had to eat a banana or cambur accompanied by another fruit at exactly 4 o'clock in the afternoon. In the town where she lives, fruits are scarce and the tantrums that her son has had have been huge, but nevertheless she managed to modify the food and nowadays her son eats at 4 o'clock in the afternoon as he was used to but with what the mother has at hand.

In the particular case of my 14 year old son, just turned 14, high functioning, at the beginning of the confinement he said exactly... I don't understand, they have criticized me so much because I don't like anyone touching me, kissing me, or greeting me and now they say it's the best lifestyle... they finally understand what it's like to be autistic. Recently watching a commercial about the family's call to stay at home, I was thinking to myself, how can they make an advertisement calling to stay at home and film it on location?

Really in one way or another every mom and dad tries to jump over the problems that are presented to us today, I was highly concerned thinking about the children who remained in routine but each of us have known how to handle it, this learning with the covid-19 has made us better parents, we have had to be part of the learning process much stronger, much more presential, become even more therapist, teachers, playmates, even in difficult times we blue parents are still the best.

Read, study, prepare yourself, ask questions, autism is part of your life, learn to live with it.


This is the sad thing about the pandemic. The lockdown caused to much problems that we never had before. Autistic child are very sensitive to things they like. Usually, they throw tantrums when they are not provided with what they like. I hope everything becomes fine so that we can live the way we lived before.

When the situation is well managed, things get better.

The virus has brought several interesting things, including forcing us to learn to do things in a different way! And I find that this has been very positive for everyone, because otherwise it would take much longer to see things differently and develop new skills.

People with special abilities believe that in this situation in a better way than us and also that they find.

I particularly as an Asperger, I have not felt affected by this pandemic, rather I have seen it as something very positive for me and for everyone, from what I have previously commented.

In your particular case, remember that you were already an adult and have adapted to society, while children are just in that process.

I have never adapted to society since I was 10 or 12 years old when I was diagnosed, I think that has nothing to do with it, it is more a matter of looking for an option and not creating another problem.

It may seem contradictory that the perfect state for the autistic, social distancing is also something that impacts him, as it disrupts his routines. In times of confinement, the mothers and fathers of these children must undoubtedly put into practice their ingenuity and what they have learned from the professionals who have treated the child during that time. The work of the psycho-pedagogist is important, since he/she will be the one who should be used the most in these cases. It is also necessary to take into account the type of autism of the child, because according to that they will be impacted in a greater or lesser way. @tipu curate 3

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hi @ mariu.espinoza,
you are absolutely right in what you say, changing the lifestyle of children is not easy, being away from the things they love to do is a change that affects them in many ways, my 8 year old son asks me why we can't go out and trying to explain is difficult for me, I imagine that parents with special children find the situation a thousand times more complex.

In my case I have been honest with them, I have told them about the virus, the dangers of it and the consequences it brings.

Hi @mariu.espinoza You are very right in what you say, this virus has taught us to be better parents, it has demanded a lot from us, we have sought ways to meet the needs of our children in the midst of an atypical situation, it has given us more time to share with our children, we should also be grateful for that!... my appreciation to mothers like you who face double the demands when their children have special requirements!!...thanks for sharing!

Popular sayings are very wise and here we can apply the one that says "Every cloud has a silver lining".

Hello friend, a great reflection, the truth is stories that we do not know, I am a doctor and I know perfectly well how difficult it can be, but I have never experienced it, I think they are difficult situations but fortunately they can be overcome, when there is love and we care about a loved one we can achieve great things. This disease has hurt us a lot but it has made us go through great experiences. Greetings!

Love can do everything and the love you have for your children is the greatest love a mother can have.

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