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We always see children with autism from the first years of life and we see it develop during childhood through adolescence, but what happens when this child who had autism, who was diagnosed at an early age, becomes an adult? what happens to that child? what happens to that adult?

That adult who brings his habits, his way of seeing life, his fears, his limitations, his attachment, his stereotypes, his isolation. What happens to them?

"Do your symptoms go away?

The reality of autism is not reality, it is really a set of symptoms, of sensations that the child, the adolescent and the adult have during their process of growth, formation and habits..

When we talk to an adult with a diagnosis of Autism, and that adult has not been treated, either by therapies, medication, diet, groups, we get a person who has simply adapted to their environment, to lifestyles adopted to survive in an environment that demands attention, social relationships, hugs, kisses, skills that autistic people are unable to manage..

During the years of adult development, they learned to cope with their environment as best they could..

In many cases, he has been able to hug or kiss in an unconventional way.

The Asperger adult adapts to situations, he learns to live in a bubble where he is the one who manages it, isolating himself from the world and only those people who are able to understand and adapt to what he wants to enter..

The next time you see someone who excludes himself, who turns away, do not reject him, think that he may be an adult who has not yet channeled his emotions because of a latent autism.


I haven't really read much about autism, but here is some important information. First we must be aware of our children to help them in the best way in their development and development and second as you show us we should not judge people right off the bat and how they express themselves, maybe their reality is very different from ours. Greetings!

That's true, sometimes we err on the side of not knowing the reasons why someone acts differently.

Hello @mariu.espinoza
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Excellent reading and very important information that you share with us.
Very important consideration that you leave us for reflection, many times we meet people who isolate themselves and we do not know how to handle the situation, from now on I will keep it in mind.
I hope to continue reading your posts.
Happy weekend

Thanks to you for reading me and for the welcome. Certainly sometimes we don't put ourselves in the other person's shoes or try to find out the reason for their isolation.

that's very interesting and I hadn't really thought about it, it must be difficult to deal with this kind of illness that affects social life but if we know that these people suffer from this illness, one of the things we can do to help them is to put ourselves in their shoes and treat them with respect.

It is not a disease, it is a syndrome that is not yet known why some people are born with it.

Hello @mariu.espinoza

Great! I loved this post.
Adults with autism, never or had really thought.

We always imagine children with this condition, since, with time, specialized treatments, and the love of the family, this situation can be overcome, to the point that when they reach adulthood, the symptoms disappear in their entirety.
But we should assume that the disease will continue to be present, albeit in a latent or passive way.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful article.

All best, Juan Molina.
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There is no cure, Aspergers adapt with age and experience but they are still them with their well-defined and distinct personality. I tell you that I am married to one, I have a son with this condition and I run a foundation to help parents and children to adapt.

Sometimes it is difficult to recognize an adult with autism as they mimic society and are very good chameleons and do this to protect themselves. I say this from my own experience

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