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RE: Photovoltaic Solar Panels: Technology for energy production in the agricultural sector

in Project HOPE2 years ago

Thanks for this information. I understand the many benefits solar systems can bring, and how it can help solve the power requirements problems. But I am wondering about its implementation. Even if prices went down significantly, I believe this is still costly. Therefore, the people needing this technology the most may not be able to afford the initial investments.


Hello @manuvert, excellent appreciation on the subject, certainly this technology is expensive, however in the South of Lake Maracaibo-Venezuela, being a border area has generated the possibility that some producers have access to electric fencing equipment with solar panels, as the need to keep afloat the production of milk and meat drives them to invest in it. To massify this technology it is necessary the support of the State, since the initial investment, as you rightly say, is highly expensive.
Thank you for your assessment, we will continue in the world of knowledge.