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RE: Bitcoin and its sustained growth

in Project HOPE10 months ago

Hello @lupafilotaxia, without a doubt every time I sit down to look at the market I think about the probability that the digital currencies where many of us move (Hive/steem) make that leap that allows us to acquire a better and more comfortable economic condition.
Now, to what extent will the bitcoin? rise and to what extent will it drag the lower value coins into it. As expressed by @josevas217 only time will prove us right. Great contribution greetings


Greetings Professor @madridbg

Correct time will reflect the market behavior, the truth is that, the current movements are not favorable, because while the BTC is constantly growing, there will be no possibility for the rest of the cryptosystems to recover, it is necessary for the BTC to establish a range for a couple of months, to give a chance to the rest of the cryptosystems. Thank you for leaving your comment.

Very good information that you share with us @lupafilotaxia, I on the other hand thought that if the bitcoin goes up it will drag the rest of the coins below it when it is expected to stabilize horizontally. Thank you for the caveat

Friend @madridbg, it doesn't happen that way, mainly because, people who have cryptomonies, start selling them to be able to buy BTC, and this generates a constant sales pressure, which makes the prices of these cryptomonies fall. Now, after BTC makes some important correction, or enters accumulation ranges, these same people who sold their cryptomonies to buy BTC, before a bear market occurs, start selling their BTC to invest in lower value cryptomonies, and this cycle repeats itself over and over again. The point is, while the BTC is constantly growing it is difficult not to generate selling pressure on the rest of the cryptosystems.