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Welcome dear members of this prestigious platform, this publication is intended to address the chemical behavior of ozone molecules at tropospheric level, which is presented as a potential pollutant responsible for global warming and the greenhouse effect.

On the other hand, its presence is fundamental in the defense of the planet and therefore of the life of humanity, so we will focus this publication to determine the dual behavior that this chemical compound can present. Knowledge that we will share through the community of @project.hope who are trendsetters in topics of technological, scientific, psychological, environmental, among others.

Chemically, the ozone molecule (O3) is presented as a colorless gas with a surprising reaction capacity, it is formed by three oxygen atoms and as previously mentioned is the main defense of our planet, since its presence in the atmosphere allows filtering solar radiation by decreasing the wavelength of the same, so its presence is essential for the development of life.

Fig. 2. Chemical representation of the ozone molecule. Author: Ben Mills

This effect is currently reduced by the destruction of the ozone layer, due to the actions of man on our planet, which is why many of us are informed about the hole in the ozone layer since it is present and assumed as a problem on a planetary scale.

However, beyond its function at atmospheric level, the molecule with the passing of the years and the accelerated industrialization of cities, has suffered an excessive accumulation at tropospheric level, understanding as the layer of the earth's surface that covers up to 10 km high, which has generated an alarming imbalance in the regulatory systems that our planet implements to defend itself from possible threats.

Fig. 3. The industrialization of cities has affected the planet's regulatory systems. Author: Mystic Art Design

Therefore, the excessive presence of the molecule in the lower layers of our planet makes it a potential pollutant and one of the most important according to the organizations in charge of regulating its levels, an effect that occurs due to its high reactivity.

In such a way that tropospheric ozone behaves as a greenhouse gas, which allows solar radiation to pass through, which upon collision with the surface of the planet is refracted in the form of low-energy infrared radiation that cannot return to the atmosphere due to the presence of these gases, generating an increase in the temperature of the planet, an effect known as global warming, responsible for many natural disasters that have occurred on the globe.

Fig. 4. Global warming is one of the main environmental problems of our planet. Author: Gerd Altmann

At the vegetative level it also has a marked influence, since it decreases plant growth, limits the fixation of carbon dioxide and as a consequence contributes to the increase of CO2 concentrations. Therefore, my friend reader, I consider it appropriate to keep us informed about the different environmental problems that our planet suffers and consequently contribute our grain of sand to improve it. I invite you to leave your observations in the comments section.


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Ozone is the gas that protects and pollutes the environment, at the level of the earth's surface it becomes an air pollutant, but in the upper atmosphere it is a protector of our existence.

That's right my friend @cryptoxicate, although many think that we can only get this gas at the atmospheric level, through writing we can observe its dual behavior. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. Regards

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it is interesting how even substances that are beneficial to the planet such as ozone can be causing problems because it is not in the right proportion, the world for thousands of years has been perfecting and looking for the cycles that give a balance to everything, but the human being with its industrial capacity came to break that balance and damage the environment.

I agree with you @trabajosdelsiglo our eagerness to evolve and take control of everything, has led us down a path of pollution and affections of planetary systems that ultimately ends up negatively impacting our lifestyle. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment

Thanks for sharing this post friend, where it is completely evident the importance of preserving the ozone layer on our planet. Greetings and thanks for sharing.

Greetings @carlos84, thank you in advance for sharing your perspective, the important thing about this publication is that we understand that the balance in our planet is fundamental in any area of it and that we humans are responsible for maintaining this harmony.