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Welcome dear readers of this prestigious platform, especially those who are passionate about content related to biosafety, technology, economics, among others, and who live daily in the @project.hope community. This publication serves to continue addressing the use of biotechnological equipment supported or oriented in the care and preservation of the environment.

In this sense, we will be addressing the technology "FlowPhotoChem" a sophisticated equipment that so far has managed to integrate as a whole the catalytic substances and sunlight, which has allowed to transform water molecules and carbon dioxide in the synthesis of new chemicals that do not threaten the care and preservation of the environment.

Fig. 2. Sunlight is used as a source of energy and helps catalyze reactions. Author: PIXNIO

This impressive invention is carried out thanks to a group of multidisciplinary researchers from the Institute of Chemical Technology of the University of Valencia and which responds to the guidelines of the horizon program of the European Union as a measure to mitigate environmental changes that are occurring worldwide.

Chemically, this type of process is developed through reactions that allow the use of carbon dioxide as raw material that provides the necessary amounts of carbon that will be transformed into ethylene, with the objective of leaving aside fossil fuels to obtain this gas, all under a controlled system and catalyzed by sunlight and other chemical substances.

Fig. 3. Chemical representation of the ethylene molecule Author: Ben Mills

It is necessary to highlight that ethylene is the most widely used organic compound in the world, whose social demand is overwhelming since it exceeds 150 million tons per year, which is why it is considered the most important chemical compound for the chemical industry. It is currently extracted through a process called steam cracking or well known as steam cracking of hydrocarbons such as ethane, naphtha, propane, natural gas, among others.

If we analyze in detail the process of obtaining ethylene, we realize that its premise is the burning of fossil fuels, which is well known to generate large amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere and is responsible for the serious environmental problems we are experiencing, such as the greenhouse effect, acid rain, photochemical smog, global warming, among others.

Fig. 4. The invention is based on reducing the levels of carbon disoxide that are released daily into our environment. Author: PublicDomainPictures

Therefore, the importance of this scientific and technological breakthrough is attributed to the fact that it removes large amounts of CO2 from the air as a reverse process to the industrial one,

In the opinion of Garcia Hermenegildo, who serves as a process researcher:
"For this type of technology to be fully carried out, we need the participation of different perspectives of knowledge, all with the purpose of visualizing sustainability as a preponderant objective in the design, the goal is to reduce the levels of carbon dioxide on our planet and what better way to do it than by integrating it into a new system of production and consumption on an industrial scale."

In this sense, dear reader, I consider it appropriate to socialize this type of progress which is not oriented to the efficient use of our resource, all in function of the collective environmental welfare, so that if you found the socialized material interesting, I invite you to leave your perspective in the comment section.


[1] José Gustavo Ávila-Zárraga. (2009). Photochemical synthesis using sunlight. Chemical Education. Faculty of Chemistry. National Autonomous University of Mexico. Article: Online Access


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While I am not necessarily a proponent of all the red-flag reactionaries when it comes to this "global warming" theory, a technology like this is always welcome if it helps to streamline the industrial process. If it could be applied on a large enough scale, maybe we could bring coal back. Energy's greatest issues are much more a result of the manipulated money game around it, and much less the environmental impact they like to hold up on a pedestal. If green energy hurt the pockets of the power players, we wouldn't have heard shit about it and Al Gore would never have written his inconvenient bestseller. Sorry... getting triggered is one of my go-to COVID coping mechanisms. :P

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Hello @madridbg
Overall it seems to be a good thing, and I think anything that adds a possibility to improve the planet should be welcomed.
This you raise in your post is a good way to do it. At least it seems so to me.
Using solar energy, lowering CO2 levels, that's excellent.

Hello @madridbg
This information is very encouraging for all of us who are fighting for the preservation of the planet and the environment.
It is truly amazing how beneficial this invention is, allowing the elimination of a large amount of CO2 in the environment.
Excellent article.
Best regards.

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Thanks for the info well appreciate.

Greetings friend @madridbg, any technology that does not contribute more carbon to the environment is welcome, while massifying the use of renewable technologies we must promote the use of technologies with a zero carbon balance. Thanks for sharing.